Now Available with NEW Testimonial—Capitol in Chains: 54 Days of the Doghouse Blues, Second Edition


The Second Edition of Capitol in Chains: 54 Days of the Doghouse Blues is now available, with an all-new cover, plus law updates, the Capitol Doghouse Wedding details, and an 11-year History of Chain Off.

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue

Testimonial from dog activist Evie Kettler,
who just bought and read the book over the weekend:

“When I first decided I was going to help chained dogs I didn’t have a clue what I was doing or what I was getting myself into. During my research I found Tamira Thayne and she became one of my inspirations to keep going. When I saw her post about her book I decided to buy it—even though I don’t read books.

“This is the first real book I’ve ever read from cover to cover! I would start reading a book but never finished it or even got closed to finishing. But once I started this book, I couldn’t stop. I found myself in this book, and many times I cried because she was expressing how I feel, what I’m going through in my work for chained dogs, and I can relate to it all too well.

“I’ve been called names, I’ve been ignored, I’ve heard all the same excuses as to why people chain their dogs and all the excuses of why we can’t ban chaining. I know what it feels like to want something so bad, and not understand why it’s not a ‘No-Brainer.’

“I continually ask myself ‘how is this love?’—because to me it’s not love at all. I know what it feels like to say over and over ‘I can’t do this alone—these dogs need us all.’ And that’s the truth!

“I could go on and on about how I connected to this book. One thing that brought even more tears was the part about Don McKendree during Chain Off 2006. He entered the contest to win the new car but he himself chained his dog. Her name was Nikki. At first it was all about the prize and ended with him doing something amazing, which I don’t want to say because it will spoil the surprise! He even cried and became an advocate for life. Wow.

“While reading this book I thought many times that our commissioners, city councilman and state representatives all need a copy of this book. I’ve even thought about buying one for each of my city council and commissioners because Tamira is the expert and they need to understand what really goes on with chained dogs.

“The people that chain their dogs need to step into their dog’s paws—just like Don ended up doing. Yeah, he did it for a prize, but it taught him something. If each of our representatives would do the same—for maybe even an hour—just maybe they would understand why to us it’s not just a dog. Great book!”—Evie Kettler, chained dog activist, Georgia

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue

About the book:

In August 2010, one woman carried a doghouse to the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol building and chained herself to it, seeking passage of a law protecting dogs from life at the end of a chain.

Not knowing if she’d be arrested, ignored, or ridiculed, she set aside her fears and acted on behalf of the voiceless: dogs—the most social of beings—whose needs have been overlooked by those with the power to create chain-ge for their future.

This is her story, and the story of the 54 days she and others spent chained at the bottom of the Capitol steps in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. May you be inspired, entertained, and educated about the needs of Man’s Best Friend, and how these needs continue to be negated in today’s society.

“Sleepy today and blaming Tamira Thayne! Okay not her in person, but her inspiring and heartfelt book, Capitol in Chains. I needed to study for a quiz tonight and NOT be up at 3:00 a.m. reading the rest of the book. I am in awe. THANK YOU and BLESS YOU.”—Stephanie S. Scott, Virginia

Second Edition. Includes Legislative updates, plus an 11-year History of Chain Off and the Doghouse Wedding.

Animal Rescuer Stories Needed for New Book: “Crazy Beeyotches of Animal Rescue”

Who Chains You Publishing wants to shine a light on the abuses that happen in the animal rescue movement—both to the animals and those who stand on their behalf.


Have you been bullied by one of these women? Share you story with us!

We want your input for our upcoming book, entitled Crazy Beeyotches of Animal Rescue: Taking Back our Power from Those who Destroy.

Who among you is a legitimate and kind animal rescuer—minding your own business, trying to save a few animals (which is stressful enough)—yet you’ve become the target of a crazy woman?

Have you been bullied, defamed, and lied about online by a woman/women who should know better? We want your story! (And don’t worry, we can change the name of your bully for the book, OR you can change it before we even see the tale of your experience.)

When we are silent about the abuse, the abuse continues unabated. In order to put an end to this treatment of those we should be seeking to uphold, we must stand up and shine a light on those who do the most harm.

We want to feature YOUR STORY in our upcoming book. Tell us how you addressed the bullying, what worked, what didn’t work, and how you were able to get past the pain these woman have caused you.

Are you able to laugh about it now? If so, share what’s funny with us! If you haven’t gotten there yet, but learned some insights into the pain you’ve been dealt, share those with us too.

By sharing our stories, we will not only help other women who will also face similar issues, BUT we are telling our ABUSERS “NO MORE!” We’re done being your victims!

Are you one of the Crazy Beeyotches who could be featured in the book, but are truly sorry for the lies and harm you’ve caused others? We’ll accept your stories too, as long as they are genuinely apologetic to the women you sought to destroy. Nothing less is acceptable.

Apologies can go a long way to righting a wrong—if they are done in true remorse, and are done publicly so as to absolve the accused of any wrongdoing.

But so few Crazy Beeyotches will ever do the right thing. Why? Because most are genuinely mentally ill in the first place, and harming others is their way of coping with their altered view of reality.

While we can pity these women for being mentally ill, we can’t fool ourselves into believing a simple dose of ‘love’ will fix all things. It hasn’t worked for the Tibetan monks, and it won’t work for us.

Rescuers deserve to do their work in peace, and it’s Who Chain’s You’s goal to help get them there. These ladies deal with enough heartache on a daily basis through animal care…they don’t need to deal with lies and defamation online at every turn.

It’s simply unacceptable!

If you want to be featured in our book, please visit our page at, fill out the form, and e-mail it and your story to us at We are still currently accepting submissions for this book. We will let you know if you will be one of our featured rescuers!

Don’t have a crazy beeyotch making your life miserable? Consider yourself lucky! We do have books with these other topics coming down the pipeline. If you have a story for us in these genres, please follow the directions, above, and send your story to us for that too.

Funny Rescue Stories
Activist Arrest Stories
Bullies of Animal Rescue
Your Biggest Regret in Rescue
Crazy Beeyotches of Animal Rescue
Your Biggest Sacrifice
Attacked by your Rescue Animal
Rescue: The River of Deceit
Staying Positive in a World Full of Pain
Your Best Vegan Recipe
Are You Just “Too Sensitive?”
My Favorite Rescue of All Time
Dog Chaining Douches
Am I Vegan Enough?
Vegan/Vegetarian Pretenders
I Won a Law for the Animals
We’re also open to YOUR ideas!

Have a great night, all.

Just Released: The Puppy Who Left Puddles on the Floor


The Puppy Who Left Puddles on the Floor is now in it’s second edition, and is available through us at Who Chains You Publishing.

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue

Chance is a beagle puppy who is just like every other dog—he wants a home and a family to love him. When he loses his first home and is sent to the shelter, he is devastated—until he is adopted by a boy and his mother, and life seems like it will be good again.

But he has a little problem with leaving “puddles on the floor.” Without the proper training, he ends up in a horrible place—stuck at the end of a chain.

Like all dogs, he remains faithful to his family, and patiently waits for love to return.

A twist of fate sets him free to seek a better life. Will Chance finally find the loving inside home and family he deserves?

This book is perfect for humane education audiences, and, although it can be enjoyed from children through adulthood, is excellently rated for grades 2-6. If you’re a humane educator and would like to purchase the book in bulk, please e-mail us at for pricing on larger quantities.

Praise for the first edition:

“I just received The Puppy Who Left Puddles On The Floor, and have read it three times. What an awesome educational tool this is! I AM IMPRESSED, and I encourage YOU to order multiple copies to distribute in your area.” —Pauline Larsen, Columnist, Humane Educator

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue


About the Author and Illustrator:

Lorena Estep (pictured right) writes from the mountains of Central Pennsylvania, where she was born and raised. She was blessed to travel extensively throughout her life, and has visited every state in the U.S. (with the exception of Alaska), as well as much of Europe and the Caribbean. She has always held a deep love for the ocean, and spends as much time there visiting the shoreline as she can.

She has had stories published in Mature Living magazine, Writers Journal, On the Line children’s magazine, True Story magazine, and had meditations published in Penned From the Heart, Cross & Quill, and Purpose weekly.

Lorena most enjoys writing novels. A Bridge to Somewhere is her third published full-length novel. She also wrote Out of the Mist and He Rode a Palomino, both available from and other outlets.

Tamira Ci Thayne (pictured left) is the pioneer of the anti-chaining movement in America, and founder and former CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, a nonprofit working exclusively for chained and penned dogs.

Tamira holds a Doctorate of Naturology from the American Institute of Holistic Theology, and is an ordained interfaith minister through the same theological college.

She’s trying her hand at vegan baking—taking failure to a whole new level—and bears a love for kayaking the river in a decidedly amateurish fashion. She adores her human and fur family, and also all the wild critters she secretly names. She has a sneaking suspicion that the critters don’t share the same fondness for her.

Tamira is the author of Foster Doggie Insanity and Capitol in Chains, and editor of Unchain My Heart and A Doggie Hero is Born. She is the illustrator and editor of The Puppy who Left Puddles on the Floor.

Our Foster Doggie Insanity Cover: Isn’t this the Way All Foster Dog Mommies Look?

Foster Doggie Insanity

Foster Doggie Insanity: Tips & Tales to Keep your Kool as a Doggie Foster Parent

Tamira Thayne was working on the second edition and update of her 2008 book for doggie foster parents, with a new title, Foster Doggie Insanity.


Tamira with two of her most-recent foster dogs

She was on the search for an image that could adequately reflect the insanity that can ensue when fostering dogs—especially those who come from horrific backgrounds and never before learned how to live inside the home.

Having fostered over 250 formerly chained or penned dogs herself, Thayne knew all too well that mayhem can and often does unleash itself when fostering a houseful of dogs!

As Thayne writes in the book: “Crates ripped asunder, fences demolished, couches obliterated, doors splintered…these are the nightmares that routinely go along with doggie fostering, and my foster boy Banshee could do them all in spades.”

When she stumbled upon this image on a stock photo site, she immediately started giggling (or tittering, or whatever it is that girlie girls do), and knew SHE HAD TO HAVE IT FOR HER COVER.

Isn’t it delightful? And so far from her normal fostering experience—haggard, in sweat pants, covered in dog hair, and chasing dogs while cleaning and scrubbing—that this image just HAD to be it. Just for the fun of it.


She loved the juxtaposition of the fancy dress and “Oopsie! Oh my, did we get tangled again?” [said with an elegantly and perfectly-manicured hand against your lips, of course] message of the photo above versus her mental image of what she REALLY looked like while fostering dogs.

Her mental image (and her reality) was more like this:


You just couldn’t get much different! And so, her cover was born. And she’s still giggling or tittering (or whatever it is that girlie girls do) with joy every time she sees it.

The great news is that Foster Doggie Insanity: Tips and Tales to Keep Your Kool as a Doggie Foster Parent is now available from Who Chains You Publishing, and is the perfect read for those who might be feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed in their foster doggie career.

As one reader of the first edition wrote: “I regularly buy books with a rescue theme but always felt a bit disappointed because there hasn’t been a book that portrayed my rescue experiences. So I wasn’t really prepared for Tamira Ci Thayne’s book on fostering. It is the most honest account of the perils and pitfalls as well as the joy and fulfillment that rescue volunteers face daily. The book was beautifully written and brutally honest…Thayne’s book feels like an embrace from a friend that understands what we all go through. It is a beacon of hope to let other rescuers know that they are not alone. It is a must read for anyone involved in rescue.”—Amy Snyder, Volunteer for Dachshund Rescue of North America

It’s also a great read for those who want to foster, in theory, but are afraid to dip their toes into the foster doggie pool. “Just do it”, Thayne encourages! “But read the book first…so you’re prepared and don’t feel like you’re screwing up when the proverbial doggie doo hits the fan. Because it will.”

The book is available in both paperback and kindle, and can be purchased at the following links:

Buy in paperback directly from our CreateSpace store for only $12.97 and $1 will be donated to our charity of the year, Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue:

Buy in paperback from for only $12.97:

Buy on Kindle for only $4.79, or borrow and return using your Kindle Unlimited account:

If you enjoy the book, please remember to drop us a testimonial at, and write a positive review on the Amazon page too. Thank you!

Here are a few more testimonials from the first edition of the book, entitled Scream Like Banshee:

“I have been doing rescue for years. When I started to read Scream Like Banshee, it was like reading my own story. I never thought that it would be so similar to the way I did rescue, but it was as if I had written the book myself. I recommend it to anyone who does rescue or fostering. It helps to know that you are not the only one that feels a certain way at a certain time. I also recommend it to anyone who is thinking of helping dogs in need. It will prepare you for what is to come in your life. GREAT BOOK!” —Joe Maringo,

“I loved every single minute of it! I couldn’t put it down. I’ve been in animal rescue since 2000 and am currently with a rescue group which pulls animals from high-kill animal shelters and home-fosters them after getting them vetted. Thayne’s book spoke volumes to me. I so appreciate her sense of humor and her ability to say just exactly what needs to be said.”—Carol Schmidt, Missouri

“Whether you’ve fostered hundreds of dogs or none, it is an enjoyable read, mixing laughter and empathy with real life situations. Thayne may even leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about our canine companions and the people who care about them. A book that is more than a tool for fostering; it is a declaration of the spirit, heart and soul of Dogs Deserve Better, its founder and rescuers universally. The moral to this story is ‘It’s OK not to be perfect; a dog will love you anyway.’”—Dawn Ashby, former Dogs Deserve Better rep

“I just read Scream Like Banshee and I can’t say how much I LOVED it! I’ve been fostering for nearly four years, over 120 dogs, and your book was everything I needed to hear. At one time two years ago I had 19 dogs. Never again! I definitely learned from my mistakes but I have beat myself up over some of them. Living without the guilt and moving on is what I got from the book, and what I needed to hear. I’m down to two and just took my first vacation in 6 years. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”—Cathy Sullivan, Oklahoma

Rocky Shepheard—Not only the Creator of The Vegg, but Also an Author and Illustrator!

rockylorgbWho Chains You featured author Rocky Shepheard is not just an author, AND an illustrator, but an inventor too!

Rocky Shepheard loved the rich flavor of eggs. But after learning about the treatment of chickens and the health risks of consuming all that cholesterol, the Pennsylvania native adopted a plant-based diet.

Not wanting to miss out on his favorite food, Rocky set to work on years of research to develop the perfect, all-natural, cholesterolandcrueltyfree egg yolk. After many trials, he developed The Vegg.

If you’re are a lover of The Vegg products, (AND WE ARE!), then you might think this cool invention is enough for any one lifetime.

We agree.

But…Rocky is the creative type. And before he even conceived of The Vegg, he wrote and illustrated a children’s book about a chained dog who escaped and went on an adventure—AND, the book is now into its Second Edition!


The book is called A Doggie Hero is Born, and here’s the synopsis:

“Romp through the wilds on a good old-fashioned adventure with pals Worthless, Sly Fox, and Otto. Worthless (as he’s called by his no-good captor) remains chained to his rickety old doghouse yet longs to be free and loved. His best friends step in and find a way to break his chains, and their quest for a new home takes off. Times get tough, but in the end will they win all the love they are searching for, and just maybe a new name for Worthless?”

Written and illustrated by Rocky Shepheard, this Children’s Action/Adventure is full of both excitement and rich, magnificent illustrations to thrill your audience and teach a lesson in compassion and humane treatment of Man’s Best Friend.

Perfect for all kids, young and old, this story is a wonderful way to educate children at home or in schools.

“This book will lead readers of all ages to more fully understand the true nature of “man’s best friend” with a common-sense, compassionate approach that can change the world for the better.”Dan Piraro, creator of “Bizarro”

Believe us…this is a GREAT children’s book to have on hand to read to your little ones, OR at the local library, OR to the kids at your shelter read to the dogs events.

The story is wonderful, AND we think the illustrations are even better. A Doggie Hero is Born promotes kindness to animals without being preachy, and holds it all within a fantasy story.

Here’s just one of our favorite Illustrations from the book:


Ah, so peaceful!

The book is great from kids of all ages, but definitely those in kindergarten through 5th grade will love it.

If you’d like to purchase A Doggie Hero is Born for yourself, a friend, your local library, or a local rescue shelter or group, visit our links, below:

What format would you like? We offer three resources:

Buy the book directly from our CreateSpace page for only $12.97 in full color paperback and cut out the middleman. This enables us to donate $1.00 per sale to our Charity of the Year, Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue.

Buy from for $12.97, but save on shipping if you’re a prime member.

Buy from Kindle for $4.79; or, you can borrow and return it when done with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

To purchase The Vegg productions, click here for Rocky’s online store.

Also, check out The Vegg’s facebook page, AND The Vegg’s group page where you can exchange awesome recipes on the great vegan food that is possible with The Vegg.

We at Who Chains You Publishing are thrilled to have Rocky Shepheard as one of our featured authors! Thank you, Rocky, for all you’re doing to move forward kindness toward all beings.

Who Chains You? Introducing Publishing and Spiritual Mentoring for Animal Activists and Rescuers


What Stands in YOUR Way of Creating Meaningful Change for the Animals? Join Who Chains You Publishing and Let’s Figure it Out Together.

As humans, we all too readily hold ourselves back from making a worthwhile difference for the animals out of fear, insecurity, and real or perceived shortcomings. But for animal activists and rescuers fighting to obtain basic rights for the voiceless, the broader answer to this question must also factor in outside influences. Government officials, animal ‘owners,’ and others with power and control often stand in the way of progress for the defenseless. We owe it to ourselves and to the animals we serve to explore and overcome the chains which bind us, to blow past our inhibitions, and emerge victorious in the only way that matters: by winning freedom for the oppressed.

That sounds a little daunting and heavy, we know—so let’s promises ourselves a little fun along the way, too. Giving OURSELVES permission to be happy is key to winning rights to happiness for THEM.

Welcome to Who Chains You: Publishing and Spiritual Mentoring for Animal Activists and Animal Rescuers.


Animal activists and rescuers find ourselves at the forefront of THE social issue of modern times. The last hundred years have seen major leaps for women’s rights, racial equality, and—most recently—gay rights. Even the animals have gained some ground. But, unfortunately, we have a LONG way to go for true freedom for those who have no voice in our society.

Often, at the end of the day, advocates and rescuers are left tired, frustrated, and burned out. Who Chains You understands, and we want to help. We are publishing books for and about activists and rescuers—in all genres from children’s to fiction to autobiographies. Self help? Yes, we’ve got it and we’ll have more. Fun, fiction books with activists as the heroes and heroines? We want it! We pledge to publish how-to’s, inspirational books, and children’s books to inspire a future generation of animal lovers.


Founded by Tamira Ci Thayne—animal activist, art director, author, and founder and former CEO of Dogs Deserve Better—we’re excited about where we are heading and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

We want YOUR stories—whether we feature you in one of our collection series or we print your full length novel. The sky’s the limit to where we can go, together!

We are ‘live’ as a new niche, indie publishing company as of July 1, 2016, and presenting our first four books; a book for doggie foster parents, an inspirational book for animal activists, and two children’s books. Our goal is to grow our bookshelf to at least 12 titles and authors in the family by the end of 2016. Our hope is that this is just the beginning.

If you’re interesting in submitting a book for publishing consideration, visit our submissions page. In addition, we’re printing a whole series of fun and/or educational books featuring YOUR STORIES, too! You want to be heard, and Who Chains You will shout your experiences from the rooftops. Funny Rescue Story? Share it with us. Been attacked by one of the Crazy Beeyotches of Animal Rescue? We want that story too! Visit our submissions page to see all the topics we are currently working on, or suggest a new one.

So burnt out you need a spiritual mentor? Tamira Thayne has seen it all. In her 13 years as a hands-on, day-to-day activist and rescuer, she has been arrested five times, and taken every form of abuse imaginable on behalf of the dogs. She’s engaging a limited number of mentoring clients in addition to running the publishing side of the company. Read more and book a session here if interested.

Welcome! Let’s do this.