Our Foster Doggie Insanity Cover: Isn’t this the Way All Foster Dog Mommies Look?

Foster Doggie Insanity

Foster Doggie Insanity: Tips & Tales to Keep your Kool as a Doggie Foster Parent

Tamira Thayne was working on the second edition and update of her 2008 book for doggie foster parents, with a new title, Foster Doggie Insanity.


Tamira with two of her most-recent foster dogs

She was on the search for an image that could adequately reflect the insanity that can ensue when fostering dogs—especially those who come from horrific backgrounds and never before learned how to live inside the home.

Having fostered over 250 formerly chained or penned dogs herself, Thayne knew all too well that mayhem can and often does unleash itself when fostering a houseful of dogs!

As Thayne writes in the book: “Crates ripped asunder, fences demolished, couches obliterated, doors splintered…these are the nightmares that routinely go along with doggie fostering, and my foster boy Banshee could do them all in spades.”

When she stumbled upon this image on a stock photo site, she immediately started giggling (or tittering, or whatever it is that girlie girls do), and knew SHE HAD TO HAVE IT FOR HER COVER.

Isn’t it delightful? And so far from her normal fostering experience—haggard, in sweat pants, covered in dog hair, and chasing dogs while cleaning and scrubbing—that this image just HAD to be it. Just for the fun of it.


She loved the juxtaposition of the fancy dress and “Oopsie! Oh my, did we get tangled again?” [said with an elegantly and perfectly-manicured hand against your lips, of course] message of the photo above versus her mental image of what she REALLY looked like while fostering dogs.

Her mental image (and her reality) was more like this:


You just couldn’t get much different! And so, her cover was born. And she’s still giggling or tittering (or whatever it is that girlie girls do) with joy every time she sees it.

The great news is that Foster Doggie Insanity: Tips and Tales to Keep Your Kool as a Doggie Foster Parent is now available from Who Chains You Publishing, and is the perfect read for those who might be feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed in their foster doggie career.

As one reader of the first edition wrote: “I regularly buy books with a rescue theme but always felt a bit disappointed because there hasn’t been a book that portrayed my rescue experiences. So I wasn’t really prepared for Tamira Ci Thayne’s book on fostering. It is the most honest account of the perils and pitfalls as well as the joy and fulfillment that rescue volunteers face daily. The book was beautifully written and brutally honest…Thayne’s book feels like an embrace from a friend that understands what we all go through. It is a beacon of hope to let other rescuers know that they are not alone. It is a must read for anyone involved in rescue.”—Amy Snyder, Volunteer for Dachshund Rescue of North America

It’s also a great read for those who want to foster, in theory, but are afraid to dip their toes into the foster doggie pool. “Just do it”, Thayne encourages! “But read the book first…so you’re prepared and don’t feel like you’re screwing up when the proverbial doggie doo hits the fan. Because it will.”

The book is available in both paperback and kindle, and can be purchased at the following links:

Buy in paperback directly from our CreateSpace store for only $12.97 and $1 will be donated to our charity of the year, Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue: https://www.createspace.com/6248141

Buy in paperback from Amazon.com for only $12.97: https://www.amazon.com/Foster-Doggie-Insanity-Tales-Parent/dp/098428978X/ref=tmm_pap_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1467324921&sr=1-5

Buy on Kindle for only $4.79, or borrow and return using your Kindle Unlimited account: https://www.amazon.com/Foster-Doggie-Insanity-Tales-Parent-ebook/dp/B01F9NMR4E/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=1467324921&sr=1-5#nav-subnav

If you enjoy the book, please remember to drop us a testimonial at info@whochainsyou.com, and write a positive review on the Amazon page too. Thank you!

Here are a few more testimonials from the first edition of the book, entitled Scream Like Banshee:

“I have been doing rescue for years. When I started to read Scream Like Banshee, it was like reading my own story. I never thought that it would be so similar to the way I did rescue, but it was as if I had written the book myself. I recommend it to anyone who does rescue or fostering. It helps to know that you are not the only one that feels a certain way at a certain time. I also recommend it to anyone who is thinking of helping dogs in need. It will prepare you for what is to come in your life. GREAT BOOK!” —Joe Maringo, SPARRO.org

“I loved every single minute of it! I couldn’t put it down. I’ve been in animal rescue since 2000 and am currently with a rescue group which pulls animals from high-kill animal shelters and home-fosters them after getting them vetted. Thayne’s book spoke volumes to me. I so appreciate her sense of humor and her ability to say just exactly what needs to be said.”—Carol Schmidt, Missouri

“Whether you’ve fostered hundreds of dogs or none, it is an enjoyable read, mixing laughter and empathy with real life situations. Thayne may even leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about our canine companions and the people who care about them. A book that is more than a tool for fostering; it is a declaration of the spirit, heart and soul of Dogs Deserve Better, its founder and rescuers universally. The moral to this story is ‘It’s OK not to be perfect; a dog will love you anyway.’”—Dawn Ashby, former Dogs Deserve Better rep

“I just read Scream Like Banshee and I can’t say how much I LOVED it! I’ve been fostering for nearly four years, over 120 dogs, and your book was everything I needed to hear. At one time two years ago I had 19 dogs. Never again! I definitely learned from my mistakes but I have beat myself up over some of them. Living without the guilt and moving on is what I got from the book, and what I needed to hear. I’m down to two and just took my first vacation in 6 years. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”—Cathy Sullivan, Oklahoma


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