Animal Rescuer Stories Needed for New Book: “Crazy Beeyotches of Animal Rescue”

Who Chains You Publishing wants to shine a light on the abuses that happen in the animal rescue movement—both to the animals and those who stand on their behalf.


Have you been bullied by one of these women? Share you story with us!

We want your input for our upcoming book, entitled Crazy Beeyotches of Animal Rescue: Taking Back our Power from Those who Destroy.

Who among you is a legitimate and kind animal rescuer—minding your own business, trying to save a few animals (which is stressful enough)—yet you’ve become the target of a crazy woman?

Have you been bullied, defamed, and lied about online by a woman/women who should know better? We want your story! (And don’t worry, we can change the name of your bully for the book, OR you can change it before we even see the tale of your experience.)

When we are silent about the abuse, the abuse continues unabated. In order to put an end to this treatment of those we should be seeking to uphold, we must stand up and shine a light on those who do the most harm.

We want to feature YOUR STORY in our upcoming book. Tell us how you addressed the bullying, what worked, what didn’t work, and how you were able to get past the pain these woman have caused you.

Are you able to laugh about it now? If so, share what’s funny with us! If you haven’t gotten there yet, but learned some insights into the pain you’ve been dealt, share those with us too.

By sharing our stories, we will not only help other women who will also face similar issues, BUT we are telling our ABUSERS “NO MORE!” We’re done being your victims!

Are you one of the Crazy Beeyotches who could be featured in the book, but are truly sorry for the lies and harm you’ve caused others? We’ll accept your stories too, as long as they are genuinely apologetic to the women you sought to destroy. Nothing less is acceptable.

Apologies can go a long way to righting a wrong—if they are done in true remorse, and are done publicly so as to absolve the accused of any wrongdoing.

But so few Crazy Beeyotches will ever do the right thing. Why? Because most are genuinely mentally ill in the first place, and harming others is their way of coping with their altered view of reality.

While we can pity these women for being mentally ill, we can’t fool ourselves into believing a simple dose of ‘love’ will fix all things. It hasn’t worked for the Tibetan monks, and it won’t work for us.

Rescuers deserve to do their work in peace, and it’s Who Chain’s You’s goal to help get them there. These ladies deal with enough heartache on a daily basis through animal care…they don’t need to deal with lies and defamation online at every turn.

It’s simply unacceptable!

If you want to be featured in our book, please visit our page at, fill out the form, and e-mail it and your story to us at We are still currently accepting submissions for this book. We will let you know if you will be one of our featured rescuers!

Don’t have a crazy beeyotch making your life miserable? Consider yourself lucky! We do have books with these other topics coming down the pipeline. If you have a story for us in these genres, please follow the directions, above, and send your story to us for that too.

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We’re also open to YOUR ideas!

Have a great night, all.


4 thoughts on “Animal Rescuer Stories Needed for New Book: “Crazy Beeyotches of Animal Rescue”

  1. Why just focus on “crazy women” and perpetuate a sexist stereotype? Just as many crazy men out there harassing rescuers, men who are equally beeyotches!


  2. I had a horrific experience in small animal rescue. It went beyond bullying – it was a classic case of mobbing. I was inexperienced but wanted to make a difference to animals who were being mistreated and dumped in my community. However, within a few short years, a gang of women volunteers (Whom I thought I could trust) systematically shredded my reputation, friendships, and standing in the community. They stupidly used email accounts from an email provider I was paying for, so when things began to go south I realized I could access their email accounts and read -in painful detail – what was happening behind my back. It included lying to other volunteers, adopters, vet clinics, making jokes about my sex life, and so much more. It was so painful and still shocks me when I think about it.


    • I am so very sorry to hear that…I understand exactly what you’re talking about. It’s so incredibly painful, and when you think why you went into it…just to help animals, and then you end up destroyed…it just doesn’t make sense. My deepest condolences.


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