Fulfilling a Six Year Promise with New Book Release: “It’s About A Dog,” Out Now

As Who Chains You Publisher Tamira Thayne tells us in our last blog post, with the release of It’s About A Dog, she finally gets to fulfill a promise she made to author Maggie Couch six years ago. Here’s the story, in case you missed it:

maggie with lad and andy in courtyard

I first ‘met’ author Maggie Couch online in 2010, when she sent me (at Dogs Deserve Better) her children’s story with this note: “Will you please consider the attached children’s story I wrote for DDB?  I believe it is a good and powerful story and would make an excellent illustrated book for children.  I do not know of any illustrator and do not know how to proceed to submit the story to a publisher.

Instead of having the story sit lonely in a desk drawer, I would like to donate it to DDB and hope that someone in your organization will see merit in it and perhaps get it published so it may make a difference and compel children to act kindly toward dogs.


It’s About a Dog is now available. See below for details.

The story is narrated by a kind, wise owl who observes from his perch high in a tree.  The dog is a typical DDB type of throw-away backyard dog on a chain.  I worked hard on this story and believe that with good illustrations, it really could make a difference to dogs like the dear one in the story.”

At the time I told Maggie that YES, I’d love to print her book (with her getting a share of sales, of course!), but we had just begun putting out Rocky Shepheard’s A Doggie Hero is Born first edition, and it would be awhile before I got to hers. She was excited, and assured me she’d wait.

Unfortunately, her time never came while I was with Dogs Deserve Better. The next year we ended up buying Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels, and to say the next four years were a wild ride would be putting it mildly. I never got back to doing ANY kind of publishing after Rocky’s book.

During that time, though, I often thought of Maggie, and my promise to her to put out her book. I had failed in that promise.

When I decided to start Who Chains You Publishing, my first act was tracking down Maggie to see if she was still seeking a publisher for her book; if so, would she forgive me for not following through and allow me to publish her book now?

I found her, and she was delighted! She wrote, “Tami, I am so happy you have written to me.  I would love it dearly if you were able to get the book illustrated and published.  Thank you so much for liking my story.  If YOU like it, then I am honored indeed.

I so hope the book will be published and read by at least one child or adult who will be moved by it, moved to become an activist and fight for those dear, trusting, sentient beings who cannot speak for themselves.”

And so, without further ado, we are proud to release our first ‘brand-new’ children’s title for 2016: It’s About A Dog.


Oliver the Owl isn’t used to caring about dogs. To Oliver’s way of thinking, dogs can’t be trusted. They eat birds, after all.

But then a black dog-with some white spots-ends up living under the tree he calls home; Oliver discovers he can’t ignore, can’t forget, and can’t fly away from the plight of his fellow being. Will the neglected and chained black dog ever receive the happy ending Oliver believes he deserves?

Oliver narrates the dog’s tale from a new and unique perspective, sure to touch the hearts of all who read It’s About a Dog.

To purchase the book, and help make Maggie’s dream of advocating for chained dogs through her writing come true, visit these links: Buy on Amazon for only $12.97 | Buy on Kindle for only $4.97 or Read through Kindle Unlimited | Buy from Createspace for only $12.97 and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue

Publication Date: Aug 07 2016
ISBN/EAN13: 1536961051 / 9781536961058
Page Count: 24
Binding Type: US Trade Paper
Trim Size: 8.5″ x 11″
Language: English
Color: Full Color
Related Categories: Juvenile Fiction / Animals / Dogs

 Author Bio:

Over the past 20 years, Maggie Couch has fostered more than 100 homeless dogs, in Connecticut and in Colorado. She has loved every one of them, and carries them in her heart always. An animal rights activist, Maggie has participated in demonstrations against circuses, zoos, dog racing, marine life “entertainment,”  puppy mills and stores, cat declawing, dog tethering, and other horrific practices which hurt our trusting, loyal and loving friends. She hopes that someday very soon there will be no dogs in this world who wait for love in lonely desperation, as did the dog in this story. She hopes that, instead, all dogs will be cherished, protected, and loved, also as was the dog in the story. She lives in Colorado with her two elderly adopted dogs and a neighborhood stray cat who adopted them all and rules their happy home.

Thank you for supporting our work for the animals with your purchases. Who Chains You Publishing cares about the plight of the animals, and supports the activists and rescuers who take a stand for their rights. We are a niche, independent publisher
catering to the needs of animal advocates. Visit our website at www.whochainsyou.com to view our current book listings and submit query letters or learn how you can be featured in one of our upcoming books.


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