Celebrate our 100th Book Sale with Us, and Win a Free Book!

dogthief-chosen-loThings are always tough when you’re the new kid on the block…the new business trying to make your way in the world, stand up, be counted. That’s why here at Who Chains You Books, we’ve decided to celebrate the little milestones AND the big ones.

This week, just before the release of our 6th book, we are happy to celebrate the sale of our first 100 books! A big thanks to those animal lovers, rescuers, and activists who are reading our material.

Rest assured, this is just the tip of the iceberg for us. We’ve invested in 100 ISBN numbers, which means we’re committing to publishing at least 100 new books dedicated to serving both the animals and those who love them.

And, by celebrating our milestone with us this week, You Can Win any of our Six Books, FREE.

aboutadogcover-loSimply sign up for our e-news list (you’ll receive only 1-2 e-mails a month) and on September 30th, we’ll choose five recipients to win a free book. You can choose your book in paperback or kindle version.

It’s that easy. Just sign up at the link below. We’ll let you know if you’re a book winner!

Join the Who Chains You Publishing E-News List


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