Just Released! The Dog Thief and Other Stories by Jill Kearney


Kirkus Review: “A superb collection of stories
about the most elemental of bonds.”

Listed by Kirkus Review as
“one of the best indie books of 2015.”

The Dog Thief and Other Stories is a Don’t Miss book; it was released initially as a self-publishing venture, but we at Who Chains You have been lucky to bring this author into our collection! She’s received rave reviews from Kirkus, and believe us, that’s NOT easy to do.

Dog rescuers will recognize themselves in the stories, and observers of human nature will delight in the word pictures painted by Kearney.

Author Jill Kearney is an artist who lives with her husband and two dogs on an island in Puget Sound. She writes stories drawn from her experiences as an in-home care provider and a dog rescuer in the impoverished rural southwestern corner of Washington state. “I began writing almost as a compulsion,” she said. “I met people and animals and got into situations that just demanded to be described in story form.”

According to Kirkus Review, “Kearney’s impoverished, misfit, outcast characters live mainly on the fictional Sebequet Peninsula, which features a Native American reservation, ramshackle trailer parks and plywood cabins surrounded by trash and rusting metal. In this zone of squalor and despair, people’s connections with animals are, for many, their only links to life.

Kearney’s prose is elegant and unfussy, with threads of humor and lyricism. She has an excellent eye for settings and ear for dialogue, and she treats her characters, and their relationships with their pets, with a cleareyed, unsentimental sensitivity and psychological depth.”

To get your copy of The Dog Thief and Other Stories:

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue


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