Cold? Think About How Your Pets Feel If You’re Leaving Them Outside.

Don’t leave pets out in this cold! Please. Just don’t. Here are author Tamira Thayne’s latest observations about pets left out in the cold.

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"


I’ve been working for a delivery company since the end of November, and it affords me—for better or worse—a birds-eye view of the way my community in Virginia treats their companion animals, i.e. dogs and cats.

I’m blessed to have observed that about 95% of the dogs in my area live inside as part of the family, but I’ve been quite surprised by how many cats are left outside to fend for themselves.

I’m a bit appalled. Granted, I assume a percentage of these beautiful kitties are actually feral, and so making them a warm outside home is appropriate—but I’d wager the ones I’ve witnessed today and every day huddled against the front door are anything but feral.

Bring them in! They’re telling you what they want! Their communication couldn’t be any clearer.

I spent today—the coldest to date in winter 2016-17 (12 degrees this a.m., warming up to…

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