“A Dog’s Purpose” Shines a Spotlight on Chaining, and this Is Enough for Me to Consider it Forgiveness-Worthy

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

a_dogs_purpose_still Joe Lederer/Universal

If you’re an animal lover or rescuer, I’m sure you’ve heard by now of the uproar over the German Shepherd scene in the new movie “A Dog’s Purpose,” where a trainer is attempting to force the dog into the water when he obviously doesn’t want to go. This is spliced with another scene where the dog is swimming and goes under.

When I saw the footage I was appalled, and angry that a movie that was supposed to show the beauty of our relationship with dogs had, behind the scenes, treated one in so unforgivable a manner.

I joined those who condemned the footage (and by extension the movie), and I still believe rightly so. No dog should be treated as the shepherd was in that footage.

Peta called for a boycott of the movie, which—to be honest—only made we want to NOT BOYCOTT IT, because, well…Peta. In…

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