Love to Read? Join the Who Chains You Proofer Club to Read FREE and FIRST!

Who Chains You Publishing Assists Both the Animals and Those Who Fight on Their Behalf through Books that Educate as Well as Entertain.

Join our Proofer Club to Read Free (and First) AND Help Our Books Become Error-Free!

Are you an avid reader (and animal lover) who can’t help but notice and wish you could correct errors in the books you read? Now’s your chance to have your voice heard and your changes implemented! We want your help as a member of our Proofer Club. Who Chains You Books is a new, niche publisher, and as such seeks to put out books that are as error-free as possible in order to widen our audience and spread the world about animal issues and advocacy. It takes many sets of eyes to bring a book to near-perfection, and WCY is not yet able to pay full-time proofreading help.

Can you assist us and lend a hand to animal causes without having to be on the front lines? We’d be grateful, and, you read free, of course! (And usually before anyone else gets to see it!)

How our club works: Join our Proofer Club e-mail list, below, to receive notifications of which books need your proofing help. If you’re interested in reading a book we’ve listed, sign up to read that book in either .pdf or kindle format. We’ll send instructions via e-mail, you’ll send us back any errors you noticed, and after ten completed book proofs you’ll receive your choice of a free paperback, too, as a big THANK YOU for your help.

Note: If you commit to holding a proofing slot for a book, please follow through, as we only accept 20 slots per book, and each voice is important. Failure to follow through will result in us holding future slots open for others.

Join the Club at this Link:


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