Who Chains You Books Welcomes Author Laura W. Eckroat, and her “Muffin Tail” Books

What happens when a book publisher goes out of business without a solid plan for this contingency? All their authors end up in limbo, having a hard time getting their books freed up to move elsewhere.

That’s what happened to our next author, Laura W. Eckroat, who published books with Tate Publishing; when the company went under, that left her scrambling to make sense of what that meant for her titles and her business as a writer.

But then she found us at Who Chains You Books, and we’ve been working steadily with her to get her “Muffin Tail” books moved over to our publishing label and into Second Editions, getting her back on the right track with her titles.

We want to give Laura a big welcome, and hope for smoother sailing for her and her books from this point forward!

Her first two books in the Muffin series are adorable, and perfectly appropriate for ages 3 and up. They will soon be available in coloring books, too. 

Went Out to Get a Donut—Came Home With a Muffin

By Laura W. Eckroat


Went Out to Get a Donut—Came Home With a Muffin is a happy-go-lucky, singalong story of adopting a pup named Muffin. The colorful illustrations by Greg White perfectly complement a wonderful tale that will engage our smallest readers while teaching love for our companion animals. Suitable for kids aged pre-school and up.


“… Came Home With a Muffin will win the hearts of children of all ages. The story behind the story is equally engaging and charming. It will become a favorite for dog lovers everywhere.” — Carolyn Hedgecock, Author Locker Letters

Went Out to Get a Donut is a fun book to read to your child while at the same time introducing the importance of adopting and rescuing animals. Mrs. Eckroat helps start the conversations with this book.”—Sherwin Daryani, Operation Kindness

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Our Charity of the Year

What’s in the Corner? A Muffin “Tail”

By Laura W. Eckroat


Kids and adults alike will love this mystery “tail” as Muffin the rescue dog discovers what’s in the corner of her suburban backyard while she “protects” her family, too. What’s in the Corner? A Muffin “Tail” is Muffin’s second adventure and is sure to spark the imagination of children of all ages. Suitable for kids ages pre-school and up.

“Laura W. Eckroat has done it again. Muffin has done it again. What have they done? Answer: They have teamed up to tell another Muffin “tail”—a humorous little song about what Muffin, the rescue dog, from Went Out to Get a Donut, Came Home with a Muffin, sees in a corner. What’s in the Corner? A Muffin “Tail” is a book that will charm all who read it or have it read or sung to them. This is a book that you don’t want to miss.”—Katherine Boyer, librarian, book reviewer

Buy on Amazon | (Sorry, the Kindle Version hasn’t gotten Approved Yet) | Buy from Createspace and $1 Will be Donated to Our Charity of the Year

About the Author:

DSC_1125Laura W. Eckroat is the author of A Simpler Time, Daisy: A Life Cycle Series, The Life of Bud, Went Out to Get a Donut, Came Home with a Muffin, and What’s in the Corner? A Muffin “Tail.”

Laura was born and raised in Whiting, Indiana. She has lived in Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Texas. She now resides in Wisconsin with her husband, Steven, and their two rescue dogs—Muffin and Shadow.

Mrs. Eckroat is an elementary school teacher, and a lifetime Chicago Bears football fan. She enjoys gardening, reading, writing and doing fundraisers for dogs.

About the Illustrator:

Greg White attended Southern Nazarene University, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication.

His passion for visual storytelling led him to the field of illustration, and he now works as a freelance artist and illustrator, specializing in children’s books, comic books, and poster design.

He now resides in Oklahoma City, where he has illustrated over 200 books.


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