WCY has Published our First Ghost Title just in Time for Howloween—”Limbo” by Laura Koerber

If you like ghosts—but not the scary kind—then Limbo is for you.

cold fog in mountain village at nightHow would you spend your time if you died and found yourself in Limbo? Most see Purgatory as a kind of in-between afterlife for people who didn’t rate Heaven and don’t deserve Hell. The author’s Limbo is a ghost town that includes animals that had been killed by humans: a dog, some cats, cows, chickens, and wild creatures, too. The animals are content with their lot in the afterlife, but the humans have an infinity of time on their hands and not enough to do. They think about the big issues, of course: the nature of God, how they screwed up in life, and how they can escape Limbo and get into Heaven.

But no one can spend all their time thinking higher thoughts, so mostly they do what they did in life: they gossip, they get on each other’s nerves, and they play poker.

Darla runs the village politics like a PTA Mom. Emmanuel, who has a wonderful singing voice, most enjoys fellowship with the cows. The Preacher, still in his hospital gown, gathers a congregation and makes it up as he goes along. Warren, a former college professor, seeks something to study in a bookless afterlife. You’ll meet The Naked Man, Lily, Traveling Jack, The Chinese Lady, and Trey, a quadriplegic who is freer in death than he was in life. Seventeen-year-old Alyse, the newest person to join the village, decides to bring everyone together by throwing the Limbo equivalent of a neighborhood block party.

If you like Ghost-Lite stories, you’ll love Limbo…you’ll laugh, cry, and ponder what comes next in the great beyond.

“I love this book. It wraps itself around you with its ghost arms and seeps its way into your soul.”—Tamira Thayne, author, The Wrath of Dog, The King’s Tether

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About the Author

Laura Koerber is an artist and writer who lives on an island with her husband and two dogs. Laura divides her retirement time between dog rescue, care for disabled people, political activism, and yes, she tells herself stories while driving.

Her first book, The Dog Thief and Other Stories (written as Jill Kearney), was listed by Kirkus Review as one of the Hundred Best Books of 2015. She’s also the author of The Listener’s Tale, I Once Was Lost, But Now I’m Found, Limbo, and the upcoming Shapeshifter’s Tale.

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“Papa’s Pumpkin”—New Children’s Book Now Available from Author Sandra Biersdorfer in Time for Halloween and Thanksgiving


Just Released!

Papa’s Pumpkin

by Sandra Biersdorfer
Illustrated by Nikki Cooper

Kylee Rain loves cupcakes with sparkly sprinkles, anything pink, Paris, France, and her Papa—her favoritest person in the whole wide world.

Her Nana and Papa live with them in a big old house on a farm in the country, where she gets to cuddle with her grey kitty Purrlock Holmes and explore their HUGE vegetable garden with its extra large pumpkin patch.

Ever since she was little, Kylee’s helped Papa take care of the pumpkins. Sometimes he tells her, with a wink and a grin, “Why when you were just a teeny weeny baby, you showed up one day in that pumpkin patch, and you were so stinkin’ cute we decided to keep you! That’s why to me you’ll always be ‘Papa’s Little Pumpkin.’”

Papa's Pumpkin illustration 3lo

Kylee and her Papa prove that the bond between a grandparent and a grandchild can indeed be something special. From motorcycles to airplanes and everything in between, join Papa and Kylee in this heartwarming tale as they make lifetime memories while waiting for their pumpkins to grow into the prettiest, plumpest pumpkins in the patch.

Perfect for ages 4 and up—and all the young-at-heart grandparents too—this book from Crescent Renewal is sure to find a spot on your family’s bookshelf.

ISBN-13: 978-1-946044-16-7

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About the Author

authorphotoSandra Biersdorfer, a native of East Texas, has been an avid reader since childhood. Some of her favorite books are the Nancy Drew mysteries and The Little House on the Prairie series. She is an advocate for reading and enjoys reading to children and visiting schools as much as possible to share her love of reading and becoming an author.
Sandra currently lives in Nacogdoches, Texas, with her two feline fur babies Shadow, an adopted male black domestic short hair, and Ethel. Ethel is a rescue kitty, too, and is the subject of Sandra’s second published children’s book, The Kitty with the Itty-Bitty Tail, because she does indeed have an itty-bitty tail. Her first children’s book, Nana’s Banana, was published in 2014.

Sandra enjoys reading, writing, watching movies, and spending time with family and friends including her two grown children. Her son is a Math major at Stephen F. Austin State University, and her daughter is a high school English teacher in Katy ISD.

About the Illustrator

nikkicooperNikki Cooper lives in Wisconsin with her husband, three children, lots of animals, and her ’72 VW Beetle Ernie. She began drawing cartoons for her local paper at the age of 16 and continued as she attended college. She obtained degrees in animal science and agricultural education, but the twists and turns of life sent her down an artistic path. Nikki’s love of animals and passion for art serve her well in her current occupations as a teacher and artist. She teaches elementary school art and brings her cartoons to life as comical fabric mache sculptures made from recycled materials, as part of the Green Chicks Studio.

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“I Found Myself Laughing and Crying”: Narrator Lee Ahonen on Creating Audio for “Foster Doggie Insanity”

fdinsanityaudiocoverloAuthor Tamira Thayne wanted to take her book Foster Doggie Insanity into audio, but needed to find a narrator who ‘got’ her voice. She was thrilled to find Lee Ahonen, telling her: “Your reading is EXACTLY how I would have wanted it to sound if I did it myself. You got right into the character and created all the nuances and inflections the way I would do it or want to do it. Thank you!”

We asked Lee some questions about her narration and how she chooses her books.

Q & A with Lee Ahonen, Narrator and Producer of the Audiobook for “Foster Doggie Insanity: Tips and Tales to Keep your Kool as a Doggie Foster Parent” by Tamira Ci Thayne

Q:        How do you choose the books you audition for?

Lee Ahonen

A:        When it comes to nonfiction, I look for books that interest me and that have a positive message. Then I review the writing itself. Does it flow when I read it aloud? Does it make sense? Will the listener be able to connect with it? I don’t expect all books to be written perfectly when it comes to grammar, punctuation, and spelling. However, the author’s meaning needs to come through so that I can inject the correct feeling behind the words and the listener can get caught up in the narrative.

Q:        Is it difficult to interpret the meaning and feelings behind the author’s words

A:        Well, sometimes, yes. That happens when books are poorly written, meaning there are incomplete sentences, the use of pronouns makes it confusing, and the information is disorganized, which makes it difficult to follow the story. I don’t audition for those books. But when a book is well written, the story flows and it is easy to get into character. That’s why I enjoyed narrating and producing Foster Doggie Insanity. I felt Tamira’s personality in every word, and she was consistent throughout the book.

Q:        What does that mean – that you felt the author’s personality?

A:        The author was able to express her feelings with words. Her caring nature and sense of humor were interwoven with the gritty, day-to-day work of rescuing and fostering dogs. Also, she made herself vulnerable by sharing some of the bad stuff she experienced during her many years of service to dogs. It was very real. I could feel what she experienced, and I hope listeners will feel it, too. It’s powerful.

Q:        Was there anything in particular that stood out in this book?

A:        There were a couple of things. First, there were many emotional moments in this book – happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, and more. Somehow, Tamira was able to balance the good and the bad with humor. As a result, while there was tension in the book, it was not overwhelming. However, this is the first book in which I found myself laughing or crying too much, forcing me to do more takes so that I didn’t sound too emotional in the recording. Second, I realized that much of her advice could be applied to anyone – not just people who foster. There are many great “life” tips in the book that can help people take care of themselves so they are healthy and happy while caring for others.

Q:        To whom do you think this book will appeal?

A:        I think this book has a very broad audience – not just people who foster or rescue, but anyone that has ever had a dog or thought about having a dog in their family. It certainly would make people think about adopting a rescue dog rather than “buying” one from a pet store or a non-reputable breeder. And for anyone who currently has a dog in the family, it will make them appreciate their doggie even more!

Q:        When you do take time off, what are your favorite hobbies or things to do?

A:        I love to read. I read all types of fiction – mysteries, romance, science fiction, etc. – and I read nonfiction, which includes self-improvement, health and nutrition, business topics, and more, while lounging with my dogs, Bella and Bear (both rescues). I also spend time with my granddaughter, which now that I think about it, also involves reading! Reading has always been a big part of my life. I guess it’s not so surprising that I got involved with audiobook narration.

Q:        And where can we find you online? Do you have a narrator page link we can visit?

A:        You can find me on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/leeahonen/, ACX at https://www.acx.com/narrator?p=A28X5JDMI20RBN, and AudioFile at https://www.audiofilemagazine.com/referenceguide/detail/6193/.

Q:        Do you have a couple other favorite books you’ve narrated our readers can check out?

A:        Yes, I do. “Entangled Empathy: An Alternative Ethic for Our Relationships with Animals,” by Lori Gruen; “Don’t Stay Stuck!: Eliminate Your Excuses and Gain the Confidence to Achieve Your Dreams,” by Lori Chavez-Wysocki; and “Sport Is Life with the Volume Turned Up: Lessons Learned That Apply to Business and Life,” by Joan Cronan and Rob Schriver. Although, honestly, they’re all my favorites because I’ve learned something from every nonfiction book I’ve worked on. That’s another reason I enjoy the process so much – continuous learning.

About the Narrator, Lee Ahonen

I began my audiobook narration and production career a year ago. It was a couple of years after finishing a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration (with a concentration in management) and a Master’s Degree in Instructional Design and Technology while working full time. I tried to enjoy my free time after being so busy, but I became unhappy with so much time on my hands. I needed to be productive, and I wanted a creative outlet. Narration provides the creative outlet, and production satisfies my detail-oriented nature. I’ve completed 23 books to date while continuing to work full time as a legal assistant, and I have six books currently in production. It’s been a very busy year, and I love it!

Foster Doggie Insanity is available in paperback, kindle, kindle unlimited, and audiobook at the following links. For a limited time, buy Foster Doggie Insanity on Audiobook, and get the code to any of our other audiobooks FREE. Just forward your receipt to info@whochainsyou.com:

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Author Tamira Thayne lives in Northern Virginia, and is available for speaking engagements and author visits. She can be reached at tami@whochainsyou.com.

WCY Authors Tamira Thayne and Brandy Herr Offer Book Signings in October

The Who Chains You Publishing authors are getting out and about in the community, spreading the word about not only their book offerings, but also highlighting animal welfare issues and our responsibility to care for the animals with whom we share a planet.

This weekend Tamira Thayne, founder of Who Chains You Publishing and author of The Wrath of Dog, The King’s Tether, Foster Doggie Insanity, and Capitol in Chains, and the co-editor of Unchain My Heart and Rescue Smiles, will be joining local authors in the Northern Virginia cities of Warrenton and Culpeper for book signings on Friday, October 13, and Saturday, October 14. She’d love to see your friendly face at either of the events!

Great Writers, Right Here
Friday, October 13, 6:00-8:00 p.m.
Family Life Center
39 Alexandria Pike,
Old Town Warrenton, VA

Author Extravaganza
Saturday, October 14, 1:00-4:00 p.m.
Culpeper, VA Public Library
271 Southgate Shopping Center
Culpeper, VA 22701

More About the Author:

In her empathy for the plight of the chained dog, Tamira Thayne pioneered the anti-tethering movement in America, forming and leading the nonprofit Dogs Deserve Better for 13 years. Her swan song culminated in the purchase and transformation of Michael Vick’s dogfighting compound to a chained-dog rescue and rehabilitation center. In 2016 she founded Who Chains You, publishing books for those who believe people—and animals—deserve to be free.

Author Brandy Herr from Granbury, Texas, has been busy attending events and even sat down to talk with NBC Dallas-Forth Worth about her Second Chance series. You can watch her fabulous interview here: http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Clear-the-Shelters_Dallas-Fort-Worth-441017853.html

Below are some of her upcoming signings and speaking engagements:

October 16, 2017, Private Event, Speaking at middle school

October 18, 2017, 6:30 PM, Haunted Granbury Presentation, Benbrook Public Library

October 19, 2017, 6:00 PM, Haunted Granbury Presentation, Mary Lou Reddick Public Library in Lake Worth

October 26, 2017, 6:00 PM, Haunted Granbury Presentation, Weatherford Public Library

About the Author

Brandy Herr was born near Dallas, Texas. She graduated from the Pennsylvania State University with a major in public relations and a minor in theatre. She now lives in Granbury, Texas with her husband, Matthew, their rescued dogs, Pillow and Luna, and their rescued cats, Emma and Goblin. She currently has three books available: Honey’s Second Chance, Emma’s Second Chance, Haunted Granbury, and a short story featured in the collection Nine Deadly Lives: An Anthology of Feline Fiction. Learn more about Brandy and her work on her website at AuthorBrandyHerr.com and follow her on Facebook at Facebook.com/AuthorBrandyHerr.

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Introducing Crescent Renewal Books and our first release under the new imprint: The Lost Tooth, by Laura W. Eckroat


Who Chains You Publishing has recently formed the Crescent Renewal imprint as a result of requests by our authors to publish titles they’d written that were not animal-related. While our focus will remain on Who Chains You Books and our advocacy for animals, we will review manuscripts that abide by the “Do No Harm” principle for our animal friends, too.

Crescent Renewal Books will publish books in all genres from children to adult and fiction to nonfiction that we find educational and uplifting, as long as our animal friends are respected throughout whenever they appear.

To that end, we introduce you to our first book under the new imprint, The Lost Tooth, by Laura W. Eckroat. Laura has two other books with us, What’s in the Corner, and Went Out to Get a Donut, Came Home with a Muffin, which are both young children’s books about adopting her dog named Muffin.

Although there is a family dog who plays a part in Laura’s newest story, he’s not the focus of the tale, which makes The Lost Tooth a perfect fit for Crescent Renewal.


In The Lost Tooth, award-winning author Laura Eckroat is back with her very first chapter book, part of her Kidspiration Series.

William doesn’t just lose his tooth . . . his tooth becomes LOST! 

Follow Tommy the Tooth on his wild and exciting journey to the Tooth Fairy, as he ends up in places a lost tooth would never expect or want to be. Luckily William never gives up on him, and the ending is sure to please readers great and small.

This book from Crescent Renewal Books is a must for all children who have or will have wiggly, jiggly baby teeth, and makes a wonderful first chapter book for ages 7-10 and grades 1-4.

The book is currently available in paperback and kindle, with audio forthcoming.

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About the Author

DSC_1125Laura W. Eckroat is the author of The Lost Tooth, A Simpler Time, Daisy: A Life Cycle Series, The Life of Bud, Went Out to Get a Donut, Came Home with a Muffin, and What’s in the Corner? A Muffin “Tail.”

Laura was born and raised in Whiting, Indiana. She has lived in Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts, and Texas. She now resides in Wisconsin with her husband, Steven, and their two rescue dogs—Muffin and Shadow.

Mrs. Eckroat is an elementary school teacher and a lifetime Chicago Bears football fan. She enjoys gardening, reading, writing and doing fundraisers for dogs.

About the Illustrator

Greg White Photo-oilGreg White attended Southern Nazarene University, where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication. His passion for visual storytelling led him to the field of illustration, and he now works as a freelance artist and illustrator, specializing in children’s books, comic books, and poster design. He now resides in Oklahoma City, where he has illustrated over 200 books.

“Brave Benny”, a Little Bat’s Tale, Hits Children’s Bookshelves

bravebennycoverlo-dropWho Chains You Books is pleased to announce the release of Brave Benny, out now from author Heather Leughmyer and illustrator April Pedersen.

adoptingadelecoverloHeather and April are proving to be a great team, following up their success with Adopting Adele from earlier this year with their second collaboration in Brave Benny.


Benny the bat always did what was right; hiding during the day and hunting at night. His bed was a tree and he slept upside down, in a quaint little forest just outside of town.

Each night at dusk he’d stretch and he’d yawn, then drop out of bed, and be home before dawn. By daybreak the bats would be sleeping away, but bored little Benny just wanted to play.

He wished to discover the world in the light; he was tired of darkness, fed up with the night. Then one dewy morning, he passed by his tree; he was nervous, but eager, about what he would see…

What will Brave Benny discover on his adventure? Find out in this wonderfully illustrated, rhyming children’s book, a perfect bedtime story for ages 4 and up, and independent readers age 7 and up. Includes activities for kids, and some good batty questions and answers, too!

ISBN-10: 1-946044-14-8
ISBN-13: 978-1-946044-14-3

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About the Author

meHeather Leughmyer graduated from Indiana-Purdue University with a B.A. in English Writing and Linguistics. She is a dedicated vegan, animal rights activist, and animal rescuer. Writing has been a passion of hers for as long as she has advocated for animals.
Heather lives in Columbia City, Indiana, with her husband, daughter and several animal companions. She is the author of Brave Benny, Adopting Adele, If Your Tears Were Human, A Rat’s Guide to Owning a Human, and co-editor of Rescue Smiles.

About the Illustrator

aprilpedersenOur whimsical artist, April Pedersen, is a freelancer based in Reno, Nevada. She is partial to frogs, geocaching, science fiction, video poker, and chess. April is the illustrator of Adopting Adele and Brave Benny.