“Limbo” and “Bravo’s Freedom” Hit Audiobook Shelves: Buy One Get One Free!

Do audiobooks have shelves? Only in the virtual world, it would seem, so you’ll have to indulge us by imagining along.

limbocoveraudio-loWe’re pleased to announce that two of our titles, Limbo and Bravo’s Freedom, have just hit the proverbial audiobookshelves, with narration by John Carter Aimone and Gary Bennett, respectively.

The best thing about the audio version of Limbo? John Carter Aimone’s voice. He’s the PERFECT narrator for this book—you’ve got to take a listen to the sample and see why for yourself. We want to listen to it every day just to hear John’s voice characterizations!

About Limbo:

How would you spend your time if you died and found yourself in limbo? Most see purgatory as a kind of in-between afterlife for people who didn’t rate heaven and don’t deserve hell. The author’s limbo is a ghost town that includes animals that had been killed by humans: a dog, some cats, cows, chickens, and wild creatures, too. The animals are content with their lot in the afterlife, but the humans have an infinity of time on their hands and not enough to do. They think about the big issues, of course: the nature of God, how they screwed up in life, and how they can escape limbo and get into heaven.

But no one can spend all their time thinking higher thoughts, so mostly they do what they did in life: they gossip, they get on each other’s nerves, and they play poker.

In the end, you’ll share in their laughter and tears, and you might just ponder how you’d spend your time in limbo.

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bravoscoveraudioloIn Bravo’s Freedom, 15-year-old Gabriel is chosen by his village to travel to Old Guinea, where he must face the rulers to stop them from destroying the planet. With the impacts of global warming in full effect, Gabriel leaves his village with evidence that there is still time to reverse the damage and repair the planet.

Will the rulers of Old Guinea listen to what Gabriel has to say, or will Gabriel and his new friend Bravo get locked away forever? Bravo’s Freedom makes a wonderful classroom addition for environmental and humane education studies, and is perfect for ages eight and up.

Narrator Gary Bennett’s voice is the polar opposite of John Carter Aimone’s, providing a soothing and engagingly storytelling rendition of Bravo’s Freedom, perfect for kids through adults. Check out his sample here.

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Plus, for a limited time, if you Buy One of our Audiobooks, You Can Get a Second of Equal or Lesser Value FREE!

Simply email us your receipt to info@whochainsyou.com, and let us know which book you’d like, and we’ll send you back your free code. You can find all our available audiobooks on our home page at http://www.whochainsyou.com. Happy Listening!


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