Win Today’s Book, Rescue Smiles, and Read about Some Beautiful Moments with our Animal Friends


We’re giving away 31 FREE Books this Month. Today, win a copy of Rescue Smiles during Who Chains You Publishing’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration!

How do you win today’s prize? Simple. Just click on the link below to bring you to our page, and tell us you want it in our comment section. The contest will run all day today, Aug. 2nd, and we’ll select a random winner at 10:00 a.m. Eastern, August 3rd.

Spread the word! Rescue Smiles is available in paperback, kindle, and audiobook. The book is an excellent humane education tool, too

Rescue Smiles was the 2017 winner of the Maxwell Award from Dog Writers of America in the Best Human/Animal Bond category.

About the Book:

The heart of the animal rescue world lies in its stories–of freedom, of love, and of sacrifice by those who not only acknowledge but embrace the human-animal bond and its wondrous gifts.

In our first rescue story compilation, Who Chains You Books is pleased to offer a look into the emotional lives of rescuers and the living beings they hold dear. Join us for the heartwarming anecdotes, as Cinnamon steals Spice’s puppies, Alice steals everyone’s shoes, and a host of other animals conspire to steal our hearts.

Through these tales, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes peek into the relationships between rescuers and not only dogs and cats, but horses, goats, pigs, rats, mice, and birds, in this delightful first installment of Rescue Smiles.We hope you’re as captivated by the kinship between human and animal as we are.

With contributions by: Laura Koerber, Tamira Thayne, Reg Green, Heather Leughmyer, Joe Maringo, Patti Lawson, Sarah Barnett, Barb Michael, Sunny Aris, Christopher Barnekov, Gayla Evans, Kat Soul, Rachel Ogden, Melody Whitworth, and Liz Woloski.


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