Win a Copy of Slow Moe: A Snail Tail on Day 5 of our 31-Book Giveaway


Kids LOVE Slow Moe, and What’s Not to Love? Win Your Free Copy of this Adorable Children’s Book Today during our 2nd Anniversary Celebration!

Happy Sunday, Everyone. We’re on Day 5 of our 31-Book Giveaway to Celebrate Who Chains You Publishing’s 2nd Anniversary.

Today’s Prize? Slow Moe: A Snail Tail, written and illustrated by April Pedersen.

How do you Win It? Just click on our promo image (above) or this link to bring you to our page, and let us know you want it in our comment section. The contest will run all day Aug. 5th, and we’ll select a random winner at 10:00 a.m. Eastern, August 6th.

Spread the word and join in the fun! Slow Moe is available in paperback, kindle, and audiobook, and makes a wonderful book for humane educators, too.

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About the Book:

slowmoecover18lo-dropSlow Moe was born into a place no snail wanted to be.

Nobody noticed the egg hatching; the youngster stretched and looked around, feeling small and all alone. He was greeted by row upon row of snails just like him, as far as the tiny eye could see.

Soon upward movement caught his gaze: a group of snails was creeping up a nearby pipe towards the ceiling! “Crawl onto my shell and we’ll get you out of here,” a young snail in the rear shouted.

Moe decided he wanted life to be an adventure, so he latched on for parts unknown…and ended up on a journey much bigger than one little snail could imagine.

Will Moe find a safe, loving—and most of all—fun place to call his own? Find out in Slow Moe: A Snail Tale, written and illustrated by April Pedersen. This small book full of big heart is perfect for the classroom, humane education work, and family reading time for children 6 and up.

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About the Author and Illustrator:

April Pedersen is a freelance illustrator and author based in Reno, Nevada. She is partial to frogs, snails, video poker, science fiction, geocaching, and chess.

April is the author and illustrator of Slow Moe, and the illustrator of Adopting Adele, Brave Benny, Bravo’s Freedom, Happy Dog Coloring Book, and Courageous Conner.


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