Free Book Friday: Win a Copy of “A Doggie Hero is Born”, Today ONLY!


Welcome, Everyone, to Free Book Friday! Today you can Win our 17th Free Book in our $400, 31-Book Giveaway to Celebrate Who Chains You Publishing’s 2nd Anniversary.

Today’s Prize? A Doggie Hero is Born, by Rocky Shepheard.

How Can You Win It? Just click on our promo image (above), or this link, to bring you to our page, and let us know you want it in our comment section. The contest will run all day Aug. 17th, and we’ll select a random winner at 10:00 a.m. Eastern, August 18th.

Spread the word and join in the fun! A Doggie Hero is Born is available in paperback, kindle, and audiobook, and is a perfect addition to humane education programs, too. Here’s that link again:

About the Book:

doggieherocover-loRomp through the wilds on a good old-fashioned adventure with pals Worthless, Sly Fox, and Otto. Worthless (as he’s called by his no-good captor) remains chained to his rickety old doghouse yet longs to be free and loved. His best friends step in and find a way to break his chains, and their quest for a new home takes off. Times get tough, but in the end will they win all the love they are searching for, and just maybe a new name for Worthless?

Written and illustrated by Rocky Shepheard, this Children’s Action/Adventure is full of both excitement and rich, magnificent illustrations to thrill your audience and teach a lesson in compassion and humane treatment of Man’s Best Friend.

Perfect for all kids, young and old, this story is a wonderful way to educate children at home or in schools. Who Chains You Publishing is proud to release books that are fun, educational, and are a voice for the animals.

About the Author and Illustrator:

Rocky Shepheard is an artist, a vegan, and the creator of The Vegg. After learning about the treatment of chickens and the health risks of consuming too much dietary cholesterol, the Pennsylvania native adopted a plant-based diet. Not wanting to miss out on his favorite food, Rocky set to work on years of research to develop the perfect yolk substitute. Many say the flavor is even better than an egg!

You can try The Vegg, an all-natural, cholesterol-and-cruelty-free product, and its ‘don’t miss’ sidekicks—The Vegg French Toast Mix and Baking Mix—by picking some up at


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