Our 21st Book Prize in our $400 Giveaway, “The Puppy Who Left Puddles on the Floor”, Advocates for Shelter Dogs, Chained Dogs, and Strays


Welcome, Everyone, to Triumphant Tuesday! Today you can Win our 21st Free Book in our $400, 31-Book Giveaway to Celebrate Who Chains You Publishing’s 2nd Anniversary.

Today’s Prize? The Puppy Who Left Puddles on the Floor, by Lorena Estep.

How Do You Win It? Just click on our promo image (above), or this link, to bring you to our page, and let us know you want it in our comment section. The contest will run all day Aug. 21st, and we’ll select a random winner at 10:00 a.m. Eastern, August 22nd.

Spread the word and join in the fun! The Puppy Who Left Puddles on the Floor is available in paperback, audiobook, and kindle, and is wonderful for humane and classroom education, too.

Here’s that link to play again. https://www.facebook.com/whochainsyou/photos/a.994533240665277/1785458768239383/

About the Book:

puddlescoverpuppy16webChance is a beagle puppy who is just like every other dog—he wants a home and a family to love him. When he loses his first home and is sent to the shelter, he is devastated—until he is adopted by a boy and his mother, and life seems like it will be good again.

But he has a little problem with leaving “puddles on the floor.” Without the proper training, he ends up in a horrible place—stuck at the end of a chain.

Like all dogs, he remains faithful to his family, and patiently waits for love to return.

A twist of fate sets him free to seek a better life. Will Chance finally find the loving inside home and family he deserves?

Using age-appropriate messaging, this book targets the following Humane Education aspects for coursework and can be used to stimulate discussion about these issues with students and children:

• Irresponsible breeding and the need for spay/neuter
• Dumping dogs at shelter
• Misuse of caging
• Chaining for life
• Strays and the dangers they face

About the Author:

Lorena Estep is the author of Out of the Mist, He Rode a Palomino, and A Bridge to Somewhere. Lorena got the idea for The Puppy Who Left Puddles on the Floor from discussing rescue stories with Tamira Thayne.


Remember, our books make great classroom and humane education tools. Give one as a gift for a teacher today, or order in bulk and get a wholesale discount. Visit our site at http://www.whochainsyou.com to learn more.


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