How About a Second Helping of Rescue Smiles? “More Rescue Smiles”, Out Today!

MoreRScover18lo-dropOut Today!

Last Year’s Rescue Smiles Won “Best Book, Human Animal Bond”, from the Dog Writers Association of America.

Now You Can Get a Second Helping of Happy Ending Rescue Stories from Who Chains You Books.

Praise for the first dose of Rescue Smiles:

FIVE STARS. Rescue Smiles is a truly great, feel good book. The collection of short stories are all well done and pulled me right in. I really enjoyed hearing these various real-life tales about good-hearted people taking in and often saving animals in great need. Each story moves swiftly and they are all tightly written. Several times I was quite surprised at how deeply they moved me.

“These days it seems like there’s bad news everywhere. This book directly counteracts all that. It’s all good news. It gave me a lift just reading it. If you’re an animal lover, you will devour this book. I did and I’ve no doubt that I’ll read it again.”—Scott, July 29, 2018,

The heart of the animal rescue world lies in its stories—of freedom, of love, and of sacrifice by those who not only acknowledge but embrace the human-animal bond and its wondrous gifts.

In our second rescue story compilation, Who Chains You Books is pleased to share a glimpse into the emotional lives of animal rescuers and the living beings they hold close. Join us for another helping of heartwarming anecdotes, as Clancy triumphs, Tallulah escapes, Alex survives, and a host of other animals steal our hearts.

Through these stories, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look into the relationships between rescuers and not only dogs and cats, but horses, cows, pigs, birds, and even a ferret, in this delightful second installment of Rescue Smiles.

We hope you’re as captivated by the kinship between human and animal as we are. With contributions by: Darla Purgason, Heather Leughmyer, Laurie Lee, Sidney DuBois, Ron Smith, Brece Clark, Thalia Dunn, Stephen Plyler, Paul Ernest, Susan Hartland, Melody Whitworth, Rhi Banks, Johnna L. Seeton, Tamira Thayne, Joseph Horvath, C.A. Wulff, Liz Woloski, and Joe Maringo.

Celebrate the release of More Rescue Smiles with a special price on our kindle version of Rescue Smiles, now only $.99 in Kindle for the next five days! Grab it today at this link:

What’s in More Rescue Smiles? Remember Doogie?

doogielo3More Rescue Smiles editor Tamira Thayne tells Doogie’s story the way he might have told it, if he had the words to share it with us.

It’s a Don’t Miss Tale of the choices rescuers must make when faced with the unthinkable.

AlexloYou’ll also meet Alex, one of the survivors of the Olympic Animal Sanctuary collapse.

How did Alex go from a rock to a hard place, and where is he now? Find out in More Rescue Smiles.

Who Rescued the Ferret, Kitten, Turtle, and Horses? It’s Our Little Secret, unless you pick up your own copy of More Rescue Smiles: Best-Loved Animal Tales of Resilience and Redemption. Out Now.

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