The Award-Winning ‘Returned’ Series Continues with Rocky’s Story


The Award-Winning ‘Returned’ Series Continues with Rocky’s Story

The Returned: Rocky’s Story, Book Two

Samantha K. Riggi

Anna and her best friend Molly run a blog and podcast called The Returned, helping returned shelter dogs find new, loving homes and families.

With four successful adoptions through their program, the girls discuss choosing their next dog to feature. Unbeknownst to Anna and Molly, their mission will find them—in the form of a chained dog named Rocky.

Rocky is a pit bull mix who is forgotten in the summer heat in an overgrown backyard next door to the town library. When the girls and their friend Erin stumble across Rocky and his dilemma, they are faced with moral and ethical decisions.

How can they free the dog from a bad situation and get him into a loving home?

In the meantime, they discover a local family has been living homeless, and they too are in need of assistance. Will Anna, Molly, and Erin find a way to work through the challenges to find a happy ending for both Rocky and a family in need? Find out in this second installment of The Returned: Rocky’s Story.

Perfect for ages 10 and up and grades 4-8, the series also makes an excellent humane education tool for nonprofits and humane educators.

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Samantha’s first book in the series, The Returned: Chewy’s Story, won a Best Book Award for 2018 in the Dog Writers Association of America Writing Competition. These books are wonderful for tweens on up, so grab your copy and get caught up on this series today!

About the Author

samanthariggiauthorphotoSamantha K. Riggi is an elementary school teacher with a passion for animals, the environment and writing. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, children and two old dogs. She’s the author of The Returned: Chewy’s Story, The Never Ending Thank You, Bravo’s Freedom, and Wesley Reece: Fourth Grade Hero.

You can reach her through her site at


A Mama Kitty is Saved from the Street in “Fiona Finds Love”—Out Now!


Now Available!
Fiona Finds Love

by Rhonda Lucas Donald
Illustrated by Erin Nielson

They call me the trash cat. But my name is Fiona.

That’s what my family used to call me before they moved away. “She’ll be fine,” they said. “She’s a cat, after all.”

Now I’m on my own.

Fiona is an abandoned cat trying to survive and feed her kittens. Like so many other felines, she faces the dangers of life outdoors on her own: speeding cars, sickness, parasites, hunger, and cold. Will she beat the odds and find a better life for herself and her babies?

Fiona Finds Love dispels the myth that cats can fend for themselves and ought to be outside. Cats deserve our love and care—and have so much of both to give back. The book is perfect for early readers from age 5 and up, and works great in the classroom and as part of humane education efforts, too.

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ISBN-13: 978-1-946044-48-8

About the Author

Rhonda Donald-1Rhonda Lucas Donald is an award-winning author of more than a dozen books for children and teachers. She is a contributor to Ranger Rick and writes Science in the News for Science A–Z. A rhyme-ster and nonfiction specialist, Rhonda loves making difficult science concepts accessible—and fun—for all ages. Rhonda’s first love is animals, and she has volunteered as a humane educator for animal shelters. She is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, National Science Teachers Association, and the Cat Writers Association. Rhonda and her husband share their Virginia home with their dog, Dixie, and their cats, Huxley and Darcy. Visit her website at

About the Illustrator

erinnielsonloErin Nielson is an animal lover and freelance illustrator. She loves to create imaginative and whimsical artwork, read, and spend time with family and friends. Erin currently lives in Texas with her husband, Matt, and their rescue dog, Zoey. Fiona Finds Love is her first illustrated children’s book. To see more of her illustration work, visit her site at