We Know What Happened To Michael Vick’s Dogs…but What Became of the Infamous Property? Read All About it December 1!

If you haven’t read the most recent Washington Post story on the Vick dogs rescued from his fighting operation in 2007, we urge you to read and share it with all your friends. After all, can there ever be enough happy ending stories from a tragedy such as this?

A Second Chance

Twelve years ago, 47 dogs were rescued from Michael Vick’s dogfighting operation and allowed to live. They’ve enriched the lives of countless humans and altered the course of animal welfare.

Even though most of the dogs have since passed on, many groups and families gave their all to chain-ge the lives of these dogs for the better. They deserve a place in history and our gratitude.  Read the full article and see the heartwarming photos here.

In addition, the article mentions that the nonprofit Dogs Deserve Better bought the property, and turned it from the Bad Newz Kennels to the Good Newz Rehab Center for Chained and Penned Dogs.

Did you ever wonder how that came to be?

On December 1st, from author and founder of Dogs Deserve Better—Tamira Thayne—comes the book many have been waiting for:

It Went to the Dogs: How Vick’s Dogfighting Compound Became a Haven for Rescue Pups


From the Introduction:

The house sat empty, an eerie white sentinel against the flat winter landscape, now guarding only whispers of the past. A six-foot white metal fence with coded entry gate lined the country road, abandoning its purpose at the property line and allowing passage to all with the temerity and curiosity to walk around.

The bullet hole in the front window went unnoticed.


I was alone, parked across the street, and early for my appointment with the Hampton Roads, Virginia realtor. Today was the day I’d tour Vick’s former dogfighting compound, something I’d never imagined nor particularly wanted to do.

Seemed pretty creepy to me.

I felt the whispers surround me, reaching out. The rescuer in me wanted to rescue the ghosts, too; embrace the broken dogs who lay undiscovered and probably buried on the property, assure them they weren’t forgotten. I shuddered, pulling myself together…

Stay tuned for more information, coming soon! To browse all of author Tamira Thayne’s current books, visit her author page.

New from Crescent Renewal Books: The Moody Pencil, by Samantha K. Riggi

The Moody Pencil

Crescent Renewal Books presents educational and thought-provoking books that—while not animal-focused—advocate for the environment, family, and other social issues.

Who Chains You Books formed our Crescent Renewal imprint in the fall of 2017 to focus on other aspects of education that aren’t animal-related, yet do no harm. While we remain dedicated to our advocacy for animals, on occasion we take on other social and environmental titles as well—mostly for authors who have already published under our main imprint.

The Moody Pencil is a fun, education-related book, providing a light take on the school day and the “daily grind” of students and their props.


The Moody Pencil

Samantha K. Riggi
Illustrated by Richard Clark

Connor’s pencil has been acting out lately; in fact, he’s become especially moody!

When Pencil purposefully ruins Connor’s math paper AND his book about whale sharks, Connor tries to reason with him. Connor even apologizes for biting him on the butt and sharpening him roughly, but Pencil refuses to listen.

Soon Connor realizes that Pencil has run away. Will Pencil continue his life on the run? How will Connor get his work done without his friend Pencil? 

Find out in this funny take on the daily grind of the school pencil. This full-color, comic-style book is perfect for ages 7 and up, and the back and forth letters between Connor and Pencil will engage even the reluctant reader.

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About the Author

samanthariggiauthorphotoSamantha K. Riggi is an elementary school teacher with a passion for animals, the environment and writing. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, children and two old dogs. She’s the author of The Moody Pencil, The Returned Series, The Never Ending Thank You, Bravo’s Freedom, and Wesley Reece: Fourth Grade Hero.

About the Illustrator

richard1loRichard Clark is a freelance illustrator and budding game designer, based in the UK. He is a self taught artist, with years of experience creating digital art. Equipped with his sketchbook and drawing tablet, Richard enjoys painting characters that tell stories and developing games that leave lasting impressions on the player. He has helped bring to fruition mobile apps and successfully crowd-funded card games. At present, he is currently finalising his latest strategic card game, set to launch late 2019.

Richard cherishes his free time with his loving partner and two stepdaughters in their home in England. When not illustrating his next commission or scribing his next creative project, you can find him chatting to his budgies (parakeets) or taking a country walk in search of fresh inspiration. You can reach him through his website at www.snuffajuff.com.

Love Cats? Blessings from My Cats is for You!


Now Available, Great for Cat Lovers!

Blessings from My Cats

How I Discovered the Boundless Joy of Caring for Wild and Domestic Strays

Janet S. Dumas

“My heart was touched by Blessings From My Cats; thank you, thank you for the lifeline you provide for so many cats and continuing to remind us of our spiritual connection to animals.”—Sonya Fitzpatrick, Radio Show Host, SiriusXM, Animal Intuitive, TV Host of Animal Planet’s “The Pet Psychic” and “Pet Psychic Encounters”, Author, What the Animals Tell Me and Cat Talk

Blessings From My Cats is a collection of short stories about the rescued cats that share the author’s home and the feral cats that depend on her in the wild.

Author Janet S. Dumas became drawn to cat advocacy after her visceral reaction to a chilling expose in the newspaper about the thousands of animals being gassed to death each year by the City of San Antonio, Texas. She knew she had to take action, thus beginning her adventures into the world of Trap-Neuter-Return and caring for cats near her, both feral and domestic. Janet shares her experiences as a feral cat colony caretaker, how she came to understand the individual cats, and the relationships they built together.

She also shares her newfound commitment to adopting stray cats, realizing the enormity of the feline neglect that has become common in cities across the nation. In fact, she didn’t adopt any of her cats from a shelter—she had her pick of alley cats merely by walking outside her door.

The author takes the reader through the myriad of emotions she experiences in caring for the cats—from unmitigated jubilation to the depths of sorrow to a level of compassion that she never knew existed within her.

Blessings from My Cats provides a window into the secret lives of cats in the wild, and the surprising ways these cats demonstrate their profound appreciation for their humans on a daily basis, delighting and resonating with cat lovers of all ages.

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-946044-57-0

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About the Author

janetprofessional-loJanet S. Dumas lives in San Antonio, Texas and is a semi-retired medical social worker. She enjoys writing, fitness, gardening, and spending time with friends and family. She has been a cat afficionado for over 40 years, and her love for animals led to an unintended journey into cat advocacy fourteen years ago. Janet is passionate about improving the lives of stray and feral cats. She enjoys caring for these vulnerable felines while educating pet owners and well, anyone who will listen, about the need for spay/neuter and our responsibility to care for God’s creatures.


Endorsements from Animal Experts:

“My heart was touched by Blessings From My Cats; thank you, thank you for the lifeline you provide for so many cats and continuing to remind us of our spiritual connection to animals.”Sonya Fitzpatrick, Radio Show Host, SiriusXM, Animal Intuitive, TV Host of Animal Planet’s “The Pet Psychic” and “Pet Psychic Encounters”, Author, What the Aanimals Tell Me and Cat Talk

“Blessings come in all shapes and sizes and often don’t look like blessings at all. This very personal account of one woman’s blessed relations with the cats in her life offers a good reminder to stay alert to the unexpected.”Craig Brestrup, PHD, Author, Disposable Animals

“In this collection of charming stories, Dumas captures an intimate relationship with cats, from those who share her home to those who rely on her care in the wild. Her insights will deliver a deeper understanding of the bond shared between people and cats.”Cathy M. Rosenthal, Author, The Lucky Tale of Two Dogs, Columnist, San Antonio Express News, “Animal Matters”

“A captivating, funny, and heart-warming story about the gratifying results of saving cats. It is also a wonderful ‘how-to’ book for feral and stray caretakers. The educational component is an added bonus! If only we had more ‘Janets’ out there.”Sherry Derdak, President, San Antonio Feral Cat Coalition

“It is always a joy to see all of the different ways that cats choose their people and then set about training them. It is a wonderful service, TNR,  that Janet and her associates provide for the feral cat population of San Antonio. It gives me great satisfaction to be a small part of helping to improve the lives of these wonderful cats.”Dr. Mike Mixon, Founder of Texas Veterinary Hospitals

37 Heart-Warming, Tail-Thumping Stories of Dog Rescue in “Rehoming Love”


Now Available from Who Chains You Books!

Rehoming Love

Tail Thumping Adventures of Happily Adopted Canines

by Kate J. Kuligowski

Join author Kate J. Kuligowski as she brings us into the world of dog rescue through 37 heart-warming, tail-thumping episodes of the successful rescues and rehomings of an assortment of fantastic but hopeless, deserted dogs of all ages. We’ll travel through history from as far back as 1910 through today, and meet dogs of different breeds and sizes—some with physical impediments, all left in nearly impossible situations.

Rehoming Love provides a peek into a world and rehoming experience that can at times be convoluted, but also incredible and joyous. These are stories for any dog lover who has been enchanted or bewildered by their dog’s forever loyalty, or has experienced the intoxication that follows a successful rescue or rehoming of a pet.

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle

Paperback ISBN-13: 978-1-946044-58-7

About the Author

kk copyloKate J. Kuligowski is a New Mexico native and graduate of University of New Mexico; she taught secondary education in New Jersey and New Mexico schools. As Education Director for Animal Humane Association New Mexico and Watermelon Mountain Ranch No Kill Shelter, she and her assortment of performing blind and deaf dogs delivered her award-winning K-12 curriculum, You and Your Pet Are Forever to thousands of classrooms, civic and social organizations throughout the state for many years.

Kate’s writings have also appeared in various pet publications, one of which was awarded the prestigious Dog Writers’ Association of America (DWAA) Maxwell Medallion in 2018. One of her three previous books, Our Most Treasured Tails, was also a Maxwell Medallion recipient. Goodbye Bad Guys was a DWAA and Best Books finalist. Let’s Git Outa Here was the first place winner in the 15th annual 2018 Best Book Awards and a DWAA finalist. All three books were given 5 star ratings by Readers’ Favorites.

She and husband Wally have resided in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1965, enjoying the gifts of love given by their varying number of fantastic “thrown-away” pets.

Her reason for writing? “I write to make our caring Americans aware of the plight of the multitude of abandoned, abused and shelter pets. Empowered with knowledge, they can use their talents, resources and votes to improve and protect their precious lives. I write to make a difference.”


WCY Books is a proud member of the Humane Education Coalition. Our books and our work for the animals through reading was featured on the Humane Education Coalition’s podcast, Connected Roots, this week. Listen now and find out more about our books and our dreams for the future.


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