New from Crescent Renewal Books: The Moody Pencil, by Samantha K. Riggi

The Moody Pencil

Crescent Renewal Books presents educational and thought-provoking books that—while not animal-focused—advocate for the environment, family, and other social issues.

Who Chains You Books formed our Crescent Renewal imprint in the fall of 2017 to focus on other aspects of education that aren’t animal-related, yet do no harm. While we remain dedicated to our advocacy for animals, on occasion we take on other social and environmental titles as well—mostly for authors who have already published under our main imprint.

The Moody Pencil is a fun, education-related book, providing a light take on the school day and the “daily grind” of students and their props.


The Moody Pencil

Samantha K. Riggi
Illustrated by Richard Clark

Connor’s pencil has been acting out lately; in fact, he’s become especially moody!

When Pencil purposefully ruins Connor’s math paper AND his book about whale sharks, Connor tries to reason with him. Connor even apologizes for biting him on the butt and sharpening him roughly, but Pencil refuses to listen.

Soon Connor realizes that Pencil has run away. Will Pencil continue his life on the run? How will Connor get his work done without his friend Pencil? 

Find out in this funny take on the daily grind of the school pencil. This full-color, comic-style book is perfect for ages 7 and up, and the back and forth letters between Connor and Pencil will engage even the reluctant reader.

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About the Author

samanthariggiauthorphotoSamantha K. Riggi is an elementary school teacher with a passion for animals, the environment and writing. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago with her husband, children and two old dogs. She’s the author of The Moody Pencil, The Returned Series, The Never Ending Thank You, Bravo’s Freedom, and Wesley Reece: Fourth Grade Hero.

About the Illustrator

richard1loRichard Clark is a freelance illustrator and budding game designer, based in the UK. He is a self taught artist, with years of experience creating digital art. Equipped with his sketchbook and drawing tablet, Richard enjoys painting characters that tell stories and developing games that leave lasting impressions on the player. He has helped bring to fruition mobile apps and successfully crowd-funded card games. At present, he is currently finalising his latest strategic card game, set to launch late 2019.

Richard cherishes his free time with his loving partner and two stepdaughters in their home in England. When not illustrating his next commission or scribing his next creative project, you can find him chatting to his budgies (parakeets) or taking a country walk in search of fresh inspiration. You can reach him through his website at


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