A Rescued Greyhound, a Scotty Dog, and a…UFO?


Now Available, from WCY Books
The Case of the Mysterious UFO

The Adventures of Swift & Pete, Vol. 1

By Ronnell Jackson
Illustrations by Brynakha Vaettir

Mahmah adopted Swift when she visited the local animal shelter; the greyhound caught her eye, sad and lonely in his kennel. She took him home, cleaned him up, and taught him what it was like to live as a beloved family companion. A year later a skinny, matted Scottish terrier named Pete landed on their doorstep, and soon their little family had expanded to three.

What Mahmah had no way of knowing was that Swift and Pete had once lived as strays together, running the streets and scrounging to survive. They’d been close friends and partners in crime, until circumstances—and Animal Control—separated them.

Now trouble awaited the duo once more, as they slipped under their fence and into the dark of night. Swift and Pete raced through the neighboring woods in search of adventure, laughing and remembering the old days. Suddenly a bright ball of light appeared in the sky, streaking toward them and growing brighter and larger before lowering into the dense growth ahead.

They slowed to a stop.

What was that, a meteor? Some kind of aircraft? As the dogs and their friend Icebox investigate The Case of the Mysterious UFO, truths about the mistreatment of animals on our planet and the disappearance of their fellow canines come to light, and their world will never be the same.

The Adventures of Swift and Pete make perfect early chapter readers for ages 9 and up, and can easily fit into school and humane education programs, too.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-946044-61-7

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About the Author

ronnelljacksonpic-loRonnell Jackson first became interested in writing in 2006, when he was 54. A North Carolina newspaper held their annual Christmas story contest, and although he didn’t win, seeing his name in print had a profound affect on him. It led him to take a creative writing course with the University of North Carolina, and he began entering other writing contests. After a few years of effort, he’d finally won first place!

It was during those years that he wrote The Adventures of Swift & Pete, and other stories, too. The Case of the Mysterious UFO is his first published book.

About the Illustrator

brynloBrynakha Vaettir lives in the mountains of Virginia, and spends her free time drawing, reading, and playing video games. She has a great love for cats, most frequently illustrating feline and other hybrid animal characters. Her tabby Sparta holds her heart for all of eternity, but she also makes room for most cats she meets. You can find her art online at www.deviantart.com/brynakha.


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