Week 2 Book Selection: 10 Books for Animal Lovers at Just $.99 in Kindle!


It’s Week 2 of our 8 Week Mission to Bring YOU Inexpensive Reading Material during the Coronavirus Shutdown. Here’s this Week’s 10 Book Selection for Animal Lovers

How are you? We hope everyone is doing ok, although we all know there’s not much that’s ok about the current situation. Please take care of yourself, and keep us posted on your status. Our authors and founder Tamira are hunkering as much as possible, trying to stay safe and keep others safe, too.

In an effort to help in the way that a book publisher can during this difficult time, we’re making ten of our books the lowest price available in kindle, for a week at a time and a total of eight weeks.

That’s a total of 80 books, at a savings of $238.40 if you bought them all!

This week’s selection will be JUST $.99 through March 31,
so grab your favorites now.

You save $2.98 per book.

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Thanks so much. We hope you’ll enjoy our books. Stay safe out there.

lostcoverlo-dropI Once Was Lost, But Now I’m Found: Daisy and the Olympic Animal Sanctuary Rescue

By Laura Koerber

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The story of the rescue of one hundred and twenty-four dogs—and one snake—from the Olympic Animal Sanctuary, the only large-scale dog rescue in the U.S. to be carried out with no support from local government. The OAS rescue was an epic narrative that extended over several years and featured small town politics, protests, assault, lawsuits, arrests, and a midnight escape, all played out to a nationwide audience.

flockcover19loFlock of Friends

By Stephanie Itle-Clark and Jessie Miller

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Get to know Pebbles, Bingo, Ginger, and Roo and take part in their adventures at One EPIC Farm in the second book of the Farm Tales Series. Celebrate making friends of all kinds and learn how our differences make us special. Also included are fun facts about chickens and questions you can answer with your own friends.

rockyreturnedcover19lo-dropThe Returned: Rocky’s Story Book Two

By Samantha K. Riggi

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Rocky is a pit bull mix who is forgotten in the summer heat in an overgrown backyard next door to the town library. When the girls and their friend Erin stumble across Rocky and his dilemma, they are faced with moral and ethical decisions. How can they free the dog from a bad situation and get him into a loving home?

lilycover20lo-dropLop-Eared Lily

By Rhonda Lucas Donald

Illustrated by Rhonda Van

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Lop-Eared Lily is a little dog with mismatched ears and a penchant for licking. Bound along with her on a day full of ducks and bees and people’s knees—and Frisbee catching, too.

rescuesmilescoverloRescue Smiles: Favorite Animal Stories of Love and Liberation

Edited By Heather Leughmyer and Tamira Thayne

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In our first rescue story compilation, Who Chains You Books is pleased to offer a look into the emotional lives of rescuers and the living beings they hold dear. Join us for the heartwarming anecdotes, as Cinnamon steals Spice’s puppies, Alice steals everyone’s shoes, and a host of other animals conspire to steal our hearts.

whatsincornercoverlo-dropWhat’s in the Corner? A Muffin “Tail”

By Laura W. Eckroat

Illustrated by Greg White

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Kids and adults alike will love this mystery “tail” as Muffin the rescue dog discovers what’s in the corner of her suburban backyard while she “protects” her family, too. What’s in the Corner? A Muffin “Tail” is Muffin’s second adventure and is sure to spark the imagination of children of all ages.

wrathcoverloThe Wrath of Dog: The Chained Gods Series Book 1

Written by Tamira Thayne

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The hairy beast growled and lunged at Baylee, his rusted logging chain straining to break—like it did every morning she cut down his back alley.

She hadn’t dubbed him “The Wrath of Dog” for nothin’… Someday she’ll free Wrath and they’ll rise up and smite his obviously nasty owner. For today, though, she just needs to get past him without dying and make it the two blocks to class before the bell rings and she has another detention headed her way.

bravebennycoverlo-dropBrave Benny

By Heather Leughymer

Illustrated by April Pedersen

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Benny the bat always did what was right; hiding during the day and hunting at night. His bed was a tree and he slept upside down, in a quaint little forest just outside of town.

Each night at dusk he’d stretch and he’d yawn, then drop out of bed, and be home before dawn. By daybreak the bats would be sleeping away, but bored little Benny just wanted to play…

aboutadogcover-loIt’s About a Dog

By Maggie Couch

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Oliver the Owl isn’t used to caring about dogs. To Oliver’s way of thinking, dogs can’t be trusted. They eat birds, after all. But then a black dog—with some white spots—ends up living under the tree he calls home; Oliver discovers he can’t ignore, can’t forget, and can’t fly away from the plight of his fellow being.

emmacoverlo-dropEmma’s Second Chance

By Brandy Herr

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Emma, a deaf hound mix, thinks everyone deserves a second chance at life. After all, she’s one of the lucky pups who got to start over—thanks to a kind woman who rescued her after her family dumped her along the side of the road. Emma learns what it’s like to love again, finds herself not one but two caring families, and even gets the chance to pay it forward, becoming a real-life hero in the process.

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10 Books, Only $.99 Each, Week One of 8! Grab ‘Em All Today


WCY is Making our eBooks Ultra Affordable During this Time of COVID-19 Coronavirus “Social Distancing”

We’re offering 10 Books Per Week
at only $.99 Each in eBook format!

We know you’re nervous about what the next 8 weeks will bring…so are we. Many of us will get sick, and those of us who don’t may still be quarantined at home due to illness in the household or work constraints.

The authors at Who Chains You Books want to make our books accessible to ALL during this time. The best way for us to do that is to offer them in eBook format at the minimum kindle price allowable:


Rest assured, you don’t need a kindle device to read our books in kindle. All you need is a smartphone OR the tablet of your choice, including the iPad. Just download the free kindle app from your app store, use your normal Amazon login in, and you’re all set up and ready to go! Then you can choose any of our 10 weekly selections from the links below (or ALL of them), and your titles will be sent right to your kindle app reading library on your device.

We wish you all the very best during this scary time. We hope you’ll enjoy our books, and get to know some of our authors. Reach out to them through their social media, and drop them a review on Amazon. Your reviews help our authors reach a wider audience. Be safe, we’re thinking of you.

This Week’s selection Includes books for all ages, from pre-school on up. Choose from the below titles:


Rehoming Love: Tail Thumping Adventures of Happily Adopted Canines

By Kate J. Kuligowski

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle

Join author Kate J. Kuligowski as she brings us into the world of dog rescue through 37 heart-warming, tail-thumping episodes of the successful rescues and rehomings of an assortment of fantastic but hopeless, deserted dogs of all ages.


The Dog Thief and Other Stories

By Laura Koerber, writing as Jill Kearney

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Kirkus Reviews: “one of the best indie books of 2015.”

Author Jill Kearney writes stories drawn from her experiences as an in-home care provider and a dog rescuer in the impoverished rural southwestern corner of Washington state. “I began writing almost as a compulsion,” she said. “I met people and animals and got into situations that just demanded to be described in story form.”


Went Out to Get a Donut—Came Home With a Muffin

By Laura W. Eckroat

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Went Out to Get a Donut—Came Home With a Muffin is a happy-go-lucky, singalong story of adopting a pup named Muffin. The colorful illustrations by Greg White perfectly complement a wonderful tale that will engage our smallest readers while teaching love for our companion animals. Suitable for kids aged pre-school and up.


Oliver’s BIG Problem
Farm Tales Series: Oliver & Friends

By Stephanie Itle-Clark
Illustrated by Jessie Miller

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle

Oliver is one happy pig with a big personality! He loves his home, his friends, and the healthy food and exercise he gets at the farm. But Oliver did not always live on the farm. His first home was far too small!


Blessings from My Cats: How I Discovered the Boundless Joy of Caring for Wild and Domestic Strays

By Janet S. Dumas

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle

Blessings from My Cats provides a window into the secret lives of cats in the wild, and the surprising ways these cats demonstrate their profound appreciation for their humans on a daily basis, delighting and resonating with cat lovers of all ages.


Elyse’s Escape
Kindness to Animals Series Vol. 5

By Heather Leughmyer
Illustrated by April Pedersen

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| Buy Audiobook

Under the big top, Elyse was born; from birth she was trained to obey. She would travel the country, perform for the crowds, but never got to play. Her costumes were extravagant; she wore feathers on her head. But she didn’t have a family, or a warm and cozy bed…


Honey’s Second Chance

By Brandy Herr
Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle| Buy Audiobook

Honey, a beautiful golden retriever, had fallen on hard times. She spent all her days and all her nights tied to a tree in the backyard. But everything changed the day her guardian discovered her collar had cut into her neck, forcing him to make a decision about how much she actually meant to him…


The Returned: Chewy’s Story, Book One

Written by Samantha K. Riggi

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Anna and Molly had been best friends since second grade, and now the two girls ran a blog and podcast called The Returned, which helps returned shelter dogs find new, loving homes and families.

With three successful adoptions under their belts, the girls are preparing for their next adoption mission. When Chewy, a yellow labrador, is dropped at the shelter, Anna and Molly become determined to find her a happily-ever-after of her very own…


Fiona Finds Love

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle
| Buy Audiobook

By Rhonda Lucas Donald
Illustrated by Erin Nielson

They call me the trash cat. But my name is Fiona.

That’s what my family used to call me before they moved away. “She’ll be fine,” they said. “She’s a cat, after all.”

Now I’m on my own.

Foster Doggie Insanity

Foster Doggie Insanity:
Tips and Tales to Keep your Kool as a Doggie Foster Parent

By Tamira Thayne

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle| Buy Audiobook

Have you ever fostered a dog—happy to make a difference—but wondered why you felt frustrated and alone in your experience? Do you want to foster a dog, but don’t know where to start, how to prepare, and what to expect? Have you experienced burnout or compassion fatigue in your rescue experience? If so, this is the book for you. Described as “an embrace from a friend who understands what we all go through; it is a beacon of hope to let other rescuers know they are not alone—a must-read for anyone involved in rescue.”


Sigils & Secrets, a New Novel from author Whitney Metz


Grab a Copy Today!

Sigils & Secrets
Black Magick Book 1

by Whitney Metz

Ben has a high-paying job, a great apartment and, most importantly, he has Carrie. She’s fun, beautiful, a bit eccentric—and has a fascination with the occult.

Ben thinks it’s harmless.

Then one night during an attempt to contact the spirit world, Carrie disappears. Now Ben must find a way to navigate a world that he never believed existed in order to save the woman he loves from something he doesn’t understand.

Maybe he didn’t know Carrie nearly as well as he thought.

To make matters worse, Ben’s encounter with the supernatural has left him with a mysterious infection ravaging his body and deteriorating his mind.

Sigils & Secrets is the first in the Black Magick Series—a series about the world behind the one we see every day, the importance of the connections we all share with each other and with the Earth, and the search for our true paths.

Fans are saying:What a wonderful book. I couldn’t stop reading… Following Ben through such a horrific event and seeing him gather the strength to go on. How he realizes how strong he truly is. A wonderful story of the power of love.

Sigils and Secrets sweeps you into its rich and mysterious world on the first page, and it never lets you go! You will be transported by Ben and Carrie’s story, the nuanced world building, and witty dialogue. Fans of supernatural fiction should take note.”

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-946044-68-6

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About the Author

Author Photo-loWhitney Metz is a long-time vegan living outside the town of Mannington, West Virginia. She shares her life with Riley and Petunia, two pigs she adopted after her first internship with Farm Sanctuary. Over the years, she’s tried everything from construction to law enforcement, and is currently working as a massage therapist, though writing is her true passion. Whatever her employment, she spends the majority of her time living in the fantasy world inside her head. She cares deeply about animal rights and protecting the environment, and feels it’s important to reflect those values in her writing.