What Does Wallace Willoughbee Want? A Dog, of Course!


Now Out!

Wallace Willoughbee Wants a Dog

by Nancy Alexander

Illustrated by April Pedersen

Once a year, Wallace gets to spend a week with his Aunt Polly, and it’s his favorite week of the year. Aunt Polly lives on a big farm, with lots and lots of dogs. Wallace wants a dog with all his heart, but his mom and dad don’t want one.

Wallace couldn’t wait to tell Aunt Polly about the new program at the animal shelter. He’d seen an ad on TV: the shelter had started a program for kids and parents to volunteer to walk the dogs together.

That would be a dream come true!

At Aunt Polly’s, Wallace helps feed and walk all the dogs every day. He sits in the sun with Snickers every afternoon, and Snickers snuggles next to Wallace every night.

But the happy visits always end too soon. Will Wallace ever get the dog of his dreams? Find out in Wallace Willoughbee Wants a Dog, by Nancy Alexander, with full color illustrations by April Pedersen.

ISBN: 978-1-946044-80-8 • Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle

About the Author

Nancy Alexander started her career as a historic preservationist focused on helping small towns save historic resources. From that base, Nancy has been everything from a housekeeper and gardener to special events manager.

Melding all these experiences together, she started a residential cleaning company in 2005. Along the way, Nancy has supported local animal welfare movements, and personally rescued and adopted a wide variety of dogs, cats, horses and even rodents.

Writing has been a lifelong passion and she feels a deep need to find ways to connect people and animals through that vehicle. Nancy currently lives in central Virginia with twelve dogs and one intrepid cat. Visit her at alexanders-ark.com.

She’s also got some great handmade dog leashes and jackets at thepatchworkdog.com.

About the Illustrator

Our whimsical artist, April Pedersen, is a freelancer based in Reno, Nevada. She is partial to frogs, geocaching, science fiction, video poker, and chess.

April is the author and illustrator of Slow Moe, and the illustrator of Wallace Willoughbee Wants a Dog, Adopting Adele, Brave Benny, Bravo’s Freedom, Happy Dog Coloring Book, A Tail of Two Christmases, Clarabelle Comes Clean, Courageous Conner, Dandelion’s Dream, and Elyse’s Escape.


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