Book Review: High Paw, Super Sebastian, by Jasmine Cabanaw

From time to time, we’ll be writing and posting reviews of books being released by our other friends in animal publishing. The animals deserve all of us raising awareness for their issues and on their behalf, and today we’ve picked a great one for you!

It’s Five Paws Sky High for High Paw, Super Sebastian

by Jasmine Cabanaw
Illustrated by Lisa McKaskell

Sebastian has big, floppy ears and a black, wet nose. He loves to play. He loves to romp. He loves taking naps in the sun.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, yep, Sebastian is a dog!

But even more than that, Sebastian is a dog in search of a home…

After all, he knows others have loving homes and families. Why doesn’t he?

As Sebastian searches, he meets lots of animals who are kind enough to offer him advice: advice for overcoming shyness or nervousness, for example. Even though he tries all the tricks that help his new animal friends, he still feels out of sorts, even scared.

Will he ever find a home that fits him just right?

You’ll have to read Sebastian’s story to find out!

Even more fun, the book features animals that are up for adoption at various rescue groups, and author Jasmine Cabanaw and artist Lisa McKaskell bring the animals to life through this pages of this delightful new children’s book. The book even gives Braid Mission 25% of the proceeds.

Here at WCY Books, we’re giving High Paw: Super Sebastian a very strong 5 Paws UP for the delightful presentation, illustrations, and storyline.

The book releases this weekend, so you don’t want to miss it! Step on over to our friends at Green Bamboo Publishing to pick up your copy, and follow them on their social media as well.

Green Bamboo social media links:


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