Deadline Looms to Send Us YOUR Funny Animal Rescue Story!

You’ve all got them…funny animal rescue stories…

At least if you’re in the animal rescue “business.”

Truth be told, most laugh-out-loud rescue stories don’t start out funny. They’re in fact disasters of the highest order that only become hilarious in hindsight. (You’ve all read the tale of the roomba smearing doody all over the room, right? Not at all amusing if you’re the one cleaning it up, but it makes for a great story at dinner parties later!)

Editors Tamira Thayne and Christy Burbidge have been scouring the internet to bring you some great moments in animal rescue, moments that bring some laughs to what can be a heartbreaking field.

We still have room for a few more tales! Could One of Them Be YOURS? Deadline is March 31st.

Have a laugh out loud story about something that happened in animal rescue? Share it with us, and we’ll choose 15-30 stories for our upcoming 2021 book entitled Don’t Look a Gift Couch in the Mouth—And Other Guffawfully Funny Stories of Animal Rescue. We’re seeking essays of 1000-3000 words, and would love a photo or two of the animal in question to go with your tale if possible.

Submit your story to us here:

Happy Writing!


It’s National Puppy Day! Treat Yourself or your Family to a Heartwarming Dog Book

A little birdy, er, puppy, told us today was National Puppy Day! That makes it a great day to celebrate all things puppy, including supporting your local dog rescues by adopting or fostering their adorable little guys and gals.

What could be cuter than this little face?

Fostering isn’t for the faint of heart, however. Ask author Tamira Thayne, who penned the book “Foster Doggie Insanity” when she was knee-deep in puppies and other dogs looking for homes during her years in rescue. As one reader said: “Whether you’ve fostered hundreds of dogs or none, it is an enjoyable read, mixing laughter and empathy with real life situations. Thayne may even leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about our canine companions and the people who care about them. A book that is more than a tool for fostering; it is a declaration of the spirit, heart and soul of rescuers universally. The moral to this story is ‘It’s OK not to be perfect; a dog will love you anyway.’”—Dawn Ashby, former Dogs Deserve Better rep

Got little ones? We’ve got lots of doggy books for you to choose from!

Check out some of our below titles, or visit our website at for a full listing of over 85 books for animal lovers!

Yes, we have selections for Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma and Grandpa too!

And so many more! Just visit our website at for a full listing of over 85 books for animal lovers. Happy National Puppy Day.

This Easter, Choose a Wonderful Bunny Book for the Kids Instead of a Real Rabbit!

This year’s Easter Celebration falls on April 4th, and rabbit rescues nationwide are asking the public not to purchase live rabbits as gifts for children.

Might we suggest a lovely book about our adorable bunny friends instead?

The best part of giving The No Name Bunny as a gift this Easter? It’s still adorable and they still get to learn all about bunnies . . . but a book doesn’t require food, shelter, vet care, or daily attention.

The No Name Bunny Makes the Perfect Easter Gift!

Which makes it the perfect way to celebrate the holiday without causing more work for already frazzled parents!

The No Name Bunny tells of one rabbit’s journey to find her forever family, emphasizing the importance of hope in the face of life’s challenges and offering an animal’s perspective on loss and fear, belief and belonging. In this children’s tale of redemption, the No Name Bunny perseveres despite neglect and abandonment to achieve her dream of a better life and to finally get what she wants most: a name.

After reading The No Name Bunny, young readers ages 6 and up will come to understand that, like us, animals deserve compassion and empathy. While the story’s central theme emphasizes humane treatment of animals, humans and animals alike can grasp the need for love, belonging, and identity.

Amazon reader Tina said this about The No Name Bunny:

This book is beautiful, adorable, and touching. This book is SOOOO CUTE! Not only does it have a great message, but it actually moved me to tears, in a good way. I can’t say that about any other children’s book. Definitely worth purchasing.

Another reader, Anna, said “Such a beautiful children’s book. This is a great way to educate children and build their emotional intelligence/empathy for animals. Don’t miss on this buy!”

Grab your copy today at the following venues:

Bunnies Deserve Better!

The No Name Bunny

Written by Ali Tibbetts. Illustrated by Rhonda Van.

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Thinking About Chicks Instead?
We’ve got a Beautiful Chicken book,Too!

Friends come in all shapes and sizes! This flock of friends rhymes their way through a day at the farm, sharing some of the things chickens like to do and asking us to think about our friends big and small. Get to know Pebbles, Bingo, Ginger, and Roo and take part in their adventures at One EPIC Farm in the second book of the Farm Tales Series. Celebrate making friends of all kinds and learn how our differences make us special. Also included are fun facts about chickens and questions you can answer with your own friends. The Farm Tales Series is written just for early readers in grades Pre-K-2. The book text incorporates early sight words as well as discussion questions for parents and educators to support growth in critical thinking and empathy for others.

Flock of Friends
Farm Tales Series: Oliver & Friends

Written by Stephanie Itle-Clark. Illustrated by Jessie Miller

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