“Imagine…Life on a Chain” KindleVella Episodes 9 and 10 are here!

Don’t Miss Newly Released Episodes Nine and Ten of author Tamira Thayne’s “Imagine…Life on a Chain.”

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Magnum, who’s photo and life inspired the story

Have you checked out #kindlevella yet? It’s a fun way to read, as authors put out “episodes” weekly and you can check up on all your favorite stories when each new installment comes out.

I’m doing one on, what else, a chained dog who has to make his way to freedom. If you haven’t started the story yet, the first three episodes are free, and then the others cost very little per episode. Imagine….Life on a Chain is in its tenth episode, and here’s a teaser for episodes 9 and 10.

Episode Nine: A Ride to Nowhere

Lost and Lonely

Imagine spent the night miserable and alone, curled in a ball next to an old tree. Every unfamiliar noise spooked him and his mind spun, going over and over the moment Mom fell. He could feel the bugs taking up residence in…

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