Episode Fiction Story ‘Imagine: Life on a Chain’ Will Be Featured Here Weekly! 14 Episodes to Date

Author Tamira Thayne is moving her episode story “Imagine: Life on a Chain” to her blog due to issues with Vella…her loss is your gain! Read a new episode of the fiction peace weekly, starting today.

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Hello, friends and readers! I had been putting episodes of my fiction story “Imagine: Life on a Chain” on the new Kindle Vella, but they went and blocked my first episode (which is FREE on Vella anyway) because it appeared here on my blog—which was solely an effort to attract readers to the story on Vella.

Sigh. So I said, nah. I’ll just put it all out on here rather than go ten rounds with Amazon trying to get it unblocked. My first two attempts when unanswered. That’s what happens when you deal with a bohemoth.

My loss is your gain! I hope you enjoy the story, and it helps bring awareness to chaining as an issue, too.

Below is the first episode, again, and you can look forward to one each Tuesday until the story is done. Follow my blog to get a notification when the next episode comes…

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Peta’s ‘Convenient Lie’ is Alive and Well. The Chained Dogs They Rescue? Not So Much.

A new blog post from author and founder Tamira Thayne on behalf of chained dogs.

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

I have a subscription to The Washington Post online. Today’s blog is just another reason I wish I didn’t…

I mean, you know when Trump is president and you’re effin’ convinced you’re about to die any minute and you’re so freaked out about what he’ll pull next that you subscribe to a good newspaper so you can plan accordingly for the end of the world? And then you spend the rest of your days reading and obsessing over things like the next civil war even though you live by a peaceful river and should spend your days meditating instead?

Yeah, it’s like that.

And then even when Trump is no longer president but you still see a level of national insanity you can’t believe you continue the subscription because it’s obviously not OVER, and you come across an article you think you should read about animals.

About why People are…

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