New Children’s Title: Pal the Pig’s Best Day, Based on a True Story

FreedomChaser Books Offers a Fun New Book that Celebrates Animal Sanctuaries and the Special Bonds Between Pigs and their Human Friends

from author Jenny Pavlovic and illustrator Rhonda Van

Pal the Pig’s Best Day 
is Based on a True Story

The piglet was tumbling, tumbling, tumbling, flying through the air, head over tail, tail over head. He landed on the highway with a thud, a bounce, and a roll. Then he skidded to a stop. Ouch! Pal lay in the middle of the highway with feet spread and  chin scraped.

The piglet looked up as the truck carrying his piglet friends drove away. It got smaller and smaller . . . and then it was gone. What was he to do now?

Follow Pal the Pig’s journey as what begins as the worst day of his life soon becomes the best day of his life. Along the way you’ll meet the people who grow to love Pal and appreciate him as the joyful soul he is. Illustrated in full color by artist Rhonda Van, the book is perfect for ages 6 and up, and a wonderful tool for humane education too.

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About the Author
Jenny Pavlovic, Ph.D., lives in Wisconsin with dogs Herbie, Audrey, and Brighty and cat Junipurr. Jenny loves walking her dogs, gardening, swimming, kayaking, and experiencing everyday miracles. Her day job is as a biomedical engineer.

This is her first picture book since the stories she wrote and drew as a child then tried to sell to her mom. She encourages everyone to keep writing and drawing—i.e., pursuing your passions, whatever they may be.

Contact Jenny at or
About the Illustrator

Rhonda Van is an author, artist, wildlife rehabber, and lifelong animal lover. She particularly adores jackrabbits, squirrels, her animal companions, Shark Week, vegan dinners in Santa Cruz, and her husband Tony.

Rhonda has been drawing forever, but only got deeper into illustration after she started drawing the wildlife friends she cares for.

Rhonda is also the author and illustrator of Squeak the Squirrel, and the illustrator of Lop-Eared Lily, Spittin’ Kitten’s Speed-Away, The No Name Bunny, The Big Wind, The Sleepy Honey Bee, Towpath’s Tail, If Memory Surfs, and Tiffany Rolls On.

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