Meet Maxwell, who Inspired a New Children’s Book “Pal the Pig’s Best Day”

We told you yesterday that our new children’s title Pal the Pig’s Best Day is based on a true story. Today we want to share that story with you!

Photo Courtesy Heartland Farm Sanctuary

At just six weeks old, Maxwell fell out of a moving transport truck onto the interstate highway in Wisconsin. He bounced off the pavement and into the path of oncoming traffic. Thankfully, cars swerved and stopped, and a kind woman scooped him up. Maxwell’s rescuer took him to her veterinarian, who cleaned the cuts and road rash on his face and ears. Luckily Maxwell didn’t have any broken bones or internal injuries. But he was scared, confused, and very lonely for the other pigs.

One of the vet’s employees took Maxwell home and cared for him until he was taken to Heartland Farm Sanctuary. Since arriving at Heartland, Maxwell has grown into a very large pig. His personality is described as sweet, spunky and sensitive. He enjoys grazing in the pasture and hanging out in the shade with his pig friends. He also loves mealtimes and soaking in the mud on warm, sunny days.

You can learn more about Maxwell here:

Tristan Zick with Maxwell, photo by Stacy Roller

Learn more about the book:

Pal the Pig’s Best Day

Written by Jenny Pavlovic
Illustrated by Rhonda Van

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The piglet was tumbling, tumbling, tumbling, flying through the air, head over tail, tail over head. He landed on the highway with a thud, a bounce, and a roll. Then he skidded to a stop. Ouch! Pal lay in the middle of the highway with feet spread and chin scraped.

The piglet looked up as the truck carrying his piglet friends drove away. It got smaller and smaller . . . and then it was gone. What was he to do now?

Follow Pal the Pig’s journey as what begins as the worst day of his life soon becomes the best day of his life. Along the way you’ll meet the people who grow to love Pal and appreciate him as the joyful soul he is. Illustrated in full color by artist Rhonda Van, the book is perfect for ages 6 and up, and a wonderful tool for humane education too.


2 thoughts on “Meet Maxwell, who Inspired a New Children’s Book “Pal the Pig’s Best Day”

  1. We know and love Maxwell the Pig and we are so thrilled to see this book dedicated to him! Knowing that proceeds help Maxwell’s forever home, Heartland Farm Sanctuary, makes our heart sing! We can’t imagine a more deserving pig, a better sanctuary, and a happier forever after. Thank you, Jennifer, for sharing this story with the world!


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