Read FREE! Episode 19 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. The Biggest Dream

The next to last Episode of Imagine: Life on the Chain is Now Live!

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Alas, we’re almost to the end of our tale. Today we get to see the rest of Imagine’s reunion, and then next week we’ll have the Epilogue. I’ll be sad to say goodbye to Imagine’s tale, but then I’ll wrap it up in book format and make that available in online book outlets like Amazon, etc., too.

This story is excellent for older humane education projects and classes, and I made sure to keep any swearing out of it for that purpose. Ha! If you want to start from the beginning, click here and go to town. If you’ve been following along the whole time, thank you and remember to share! Your fellow dog-lovers might enjoy the free read, too.

Imagine…Life on a Chain

Episode Nineteen: The Biggest Dream

Witnessing a Miracle

“I haven’t seen him in three years,” Dennis whispered, looking up at Becky and then over to…

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New Kitten Rescue Book for Children—and All Animal Lovers

We hope you’ll enjoy our newest children’s title and share it with your friends, too.

Silver and Spot Find a Home

by Meryl Martin
Illustrated by Craig Orback

Silver and Spot sat all alone in the big woods above the bay. Tall trees and large bushes surrounded them, and below the forest the harbor glistened. It was a gorgeous sight.

But the beauty of the day was lost on the sad kittens. The day before, Mother had gone out to find food and never came back. Her babies were only six weeks old and didn’t know how to hunt or take care of themselves yet. They missed the warmth of their mother. At night the trees seemed scary, as did the bay that reflected the moon.

“Where is Mother?” Silver whined to his brother for the hundredth time.

“I’m not sure,” consoled Spot as he slowly groomed his striped fur. “Maybe she’s just lost. I’ll bet she finds us soon.”

But Silver wasn’t so sure. Would the scared kittens ever see Mother again? Would they meet humans who would care for them? Find out in Silver and Spot Find a Home. With 13 full-color illustrations by Craig Orback, the book is a wonderful early reader for ages 7 and up, and works great for humane education programs too.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-954039-19-3



About the Author:

Meryl Martin is an animal advocate, wife, and mother to seven animals: dogs Maggie and Daisy, and cats Patrick, Scout, Tempest, Nakia, and Perdi, most of whom are rescues. Professionally, Meryl holds a Master’s Degree in Experimental Psychology and has won awards for experimental research she’s designed. Meryl is very involved with her family, including an autistic niece and nephew. She in turn advocates for better services for children with developmental disabilities.

About the Illustrator:

Craig Orback has illustrated many books for young readers, including Starring Steven Spielberg: The Making of a Young Filmmaker, Born to Draw Comics: The Story of Charles Schulz and the Creation of Peanuts, as well as Gifts from the Enemy and The Can Man. He lives near Seattle with his son. He invites you to visit him online at

Read FREE! Episode 18 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. A Special Volunteer

Catch up on Imagine: Life on the Chain with this 18th Episode from author Tamira Thayne! And it’s a special one, indeed…find out why.

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

I hear tomorrow is National Puppy Day, and what better way to celebrate than reading the next episode in our story about a very special pup named Imagine? OK, maybe actually ADOPTING a puppy would be an even better way to celebrate, but if you’re already got a houseful, our story is bound to be the next best thing.

Without further ado, allow me to present what to me is an extra special episode of Imagine’s story, and you’ll know why by the end. If you need to catch up, start HERE AT Episode One and then follow along with the links at the bottom of each chapter. If you’re new, welcome. If you’ve been reading along, thank you, and make sure to share with your fellow dog lovers!

Imagine…Life on a Chain

Episode Eighteen: A Special Volunteer

A Plea for Help

After Ben left, Evie rushed to…

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Read FREE! Episode 17 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. They All Come Tumbling Down

Don’t Miss Episode 17 of author Tamira Thayne’s Free Read, Imagine: Life on a Chain.

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Happy Tuesday. I supposed it must be Taco Tuesday—and I’m not one to turn down a good bean taco—but today is also National Peanut Lovers Day according to my trusty calendar. Both my dog and I are a bit crazy for peanut butter, and I’m pretty sure he’d happily eat the whole jar if I let him.

It’s also National Celery Month, so lots of meat-free choices for my animal-loving friends this month. Might I suggest a little peanut butter with your celery stalk? You’re welcome.

On to this week’s Imagine episode. Our pup has landed safely at the rescue center, but now his particular talent is coming back into play with covid spreading. The problem is, can he make the humans understand? Read on to find out! If you need to catch up, start here at Episode One and just click the links at the bottom…

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Read FREE! Episode 16 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. Catching the Smell.

Don’t Miss Episode 16 of author Tamira Thayne’s free read about a rescued chained dog. Imagine: Life on a Chain.

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

I’m running late tonight since I had to be out much of the day, so without further ado let’s get right to our tale. Our doggie friend Imagine is now safe at the rescue facility, but an unexpected twist happens, taking him again back to memories of his first home.

This is a free read, in episodes, and so if you haven’t yet joined us, start here at Episode One to catch up. Welcome, and enjoy the read.

Imagine…Life on a Chain

Episode Sixteen: Catching the Smell

Life’s Better with a Ball

Imagine stretched, sleep still blanketing him in a dream where angels gave him a brand-new ball and he played for hours. He smiled, absently noting a feeling of warmth, coziness even. He felt neither hunger nor thirst, and he wasn’t itchy, either.

The sensations were so alien to him that he jolted awake and jumped to his feet…

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Read FREE! Episode 15 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. Is That a BALL?

Read Free, the newest episode from author Tamira Thayne is now live!

Imagine…Life on a Chain

Episode Fifteen: Is That a BALL?

The Rescue Center

Finally tiring himself out, Imagine flopped to the ground, panting, while Melody, Becky, and Evie discussed next steps.

“Well, first, as always, it’s a BATH. This poor boy reeks,” Melody exclaimed, giving the dog another pat on the head and making a face.

Becky laughed. “I guess that’s on me, eh? Fine, I’ll do it, but next time someone else gets the dirty job! I’m always completely soaked by the end.”…

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Today I join most of the world’s population in being heartsick over the invasion of Ukraine by Putin and those within his power and control. I would say Russia and not Putin, but seems to me that most of the citizens of that country don’t want it any more than the rest of us do—they’re simply in the clutches of a murderous dictator and have very little say in the matter.

Abuse has been a big trigger for me, as I was “blessed” with a cruel and narcissistic father. I’ve had to work my way through layers of “schize” over the years, and I don’t get why people can’t just live and let live. Why can’t they be kind to the humans and animals around them? What makes someone like Putin think it’s a good idea to go and murder a bunch of folks who were just minding their own…

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