Love Old Dogs? Then Add “A Place for Grace” to your Reading Collection! Makes a Wonderful Holiday Gift Too

Now Available, and a Great Holiday Gift!

A Place for Grace

by Martha Mosley
Illustrated by Rhonda Van

Grace is a once-loved older dog who finds herself in the shelter, alone and confused. How did this happen? She soon realizes that puppies and young dogs are being chosen while she is being passed by. After some misguided attempts to act like a puppy, she becomes discouraged. 

Can Grace once again be recognized for the wonderful family member she is?  Dogs like Grace have so much to offer, and her story can help families make the life-affirming choice of an older dog.

A Place for Grace includes testimonials from rescuers who have personally chosen older dogs. Endorsed by Doreen Jakubcak, the founder of Marty’s Place, it also features photos of some of the dogs at her sanctuary.

A Place for Grace is perfect for ages 6 and up, and includes gorgeous full-color illustrations by Rhonda Van.

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About the Author

First time author Martha Mosley brings her love and respect for senior dogs to this story of an older dog in need of a new start. A believer in the value of the seasoned love that older dogs offer, Martha has spent a lifetime supporting rescue through fundraising and volunteerism.

When not working as an R.N., Martha spends her time reading, swimming, and gardening. She lives in New Jersey with her husband Howard, her daughter Michelle, and their three dogs: Happy and GiGi, both age 8, and Remy Martin, age 16.

About the Illustrator

Rhonda Van is an author, artist, wildlife rehabber, and lifelong animal lover. She particularly adores jackrabbits, squirrels, her animal companions, Shark Week, vegan dinners in Santa Cruz, and her husband Tony.

Rhonda has been drawing forever, but only got deeper into illustration after she started drawing the wildlife friends she cares for.

Rhonda is also the author and illustrator of Squeak the Squirrel, and the illustrator of A Place for Grace, Pal the Pig’s Best Day, Lop-Eared Lily, Spittin’ Kitten’s Speed-Away, The No Name Bunny, The Big Wind, The Sleepy Honey Bee, Towpath’s Tail, If Memory Surfs, and Tiffany Rolls On.


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