In the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I Spy a Critter I’ve Never Seen in the Wild Before

Author Tamira Thayne’s latest blog post about RV life and the animals she meets along the way is now live.

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Wait for it…

It’s a BABY Elk. Blowing a raspberry. Swoon.

OK, it was an ELK! Many Elkishes! I told you I can’t keep a secret…but it was tres exciting, I’m not gonna lie. So you might as well have a big ol’ pic right outta the gate.

According to interweb experts [meaning, not me]:

“The Great Smoky Mountains National Park’s largest animal, elk can weigh 700 pounds and reach 5 feet at the shoulder. Elk were hunted to extinction in the area by the mid-1800s, but a successful 2001 reintroduction project brought them back to the park. Now, the population numbers as many as 200 elk.”

Remember How I Told You Joe and I Tend to Bumble About?

It’s true, we do. We’re lucky to catch the sights we DO manage to grasp in our tiny clawed hands. Our normal plan of attack is as follows: we hit…

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