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Welcome to Who Chains You Publishing.


I hope you’ll find in WCY Books a friend for the animals, and books that move you and help you in your work for those without a voice. We feature a wide range of animals and a wide range of efforts on their behalf, from the subliminal to the emboldened and everything in between.

This is just the beginning for us. We’ve committed to putting out 24 new books highlighting animals and their issues each year…as we move forward, we hope to be able to hire staff to double or even triple that number in future years.

Browse our selections, follow us on social media, and drop us a line with your suggestions. Together we CAN make a difference for the animals, each in our own way. Our materials help educate both in the classroom and at home through family reading time. They also serve to entertain and are written by and for animal lovers, activists, and rescuers.

Join us. We welcome you.

Tamira Ci Thayne, publisher and founder, Who Chains You Books

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It Went to the Dogs

It Went to the Dogs: How Michael Vick’s Dogfighting Compound Became a Haven for Rescue Pups

Written by Tamira Thayne

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A dog activist buys Michael Vick’s dogfighting compound. What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out…everything.


The house sat empty, an eerie white sentinel against the flat winter landscape, now guarding only whispers of the past. A six-foot white metal fence with coded entry gate lined the country road, abandoning its purpose at the property line and allowing passage to all with the temerity and curiosity to walk around.

The bullet hole in the front window went unnoticed.


The decision Tamira would make that fateful day in February 2011 would lead not only to a home for her nonprofit’s rescue dogs, but also to the most turbulent four years of her life: she faced down allegations of racism, community harassment, poisoning, and, ultimately, false charges aimed at driving her and Dogs Deserve Better from the county.

There was a reason Michael Vick felt he could get away with dogfighting in Surry County, Virginia—and why he got away with it for as long as he did…

With over 200 bw photos and documents.