About FreedomChaser Books

At FreedomChaser Books our mission is a simple one: to amplify the voices of the animals through the empowerment of animal lovers, activists and rescuers to write and publish books which protect and elevate the status of animals in today’s society.

FreedomChaser Books, along with our imprints Who Chains You Books and WCY Humane Press, celebrates the achievements of the everyday woman and man who stand on the front lines or work behind the scenes for those who suffer. We bring you books that educate, entertain, and share gripping plights of the animals we serve and those who rescue and stand in their stead.

Founded by Tamira Thayne—animal activist, art director, writer, and founder and former CEO of Dogs Deserve Better—we’re excited about where we are heading and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

We went ‘live’ as a new niche, indie publishing company as of July 1, 2016, and presented our first four books; a book for doggie foster parents, an inspirational book for animal activists, and two children’s books. Our goal is to grow our bookshelf to at least 100 titles by the end of 2021. Our hope is that this is just the beginning.

2021 is a rebuilding and rebranding year for us. We’ve changed our name to FreedomChaser Books to better represent the bulk of our titles, while still retaining the Who Chains You Publishing imprint for harder hitting books. We’re also rebuilding our website and starting new programs in order to engage new animal lovers and bring them on as readers. We hope you’ll join us, support our authors by reading their work, and share them with those you love.

Welcome, and thanks for visiting us.


One thought on “About FreedomChaser Books

  1. I just found your website. I am inspired by what you have done. I’ve self published books that would so easily fit into the culture of your mission and website. Maybe you might have an idea of how to promote them because they are all about the animals and rescue and everything that goes along with that. I am also a pet grief counselor (over 10 years now) and my books include so many wonderful stories about the love and loss of pets and how they change our lives forever. https://elizabethmjallen.com


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