Who Chains You?

Encouraging Activism for the Animals


Who Chains You founder Tamira Thayne has the heart of an activist, and asks EVERYONE to take the necessary steps to protect animals too. She’s spent 877 hours chained to doghouses on behalf of chained dogs, endured a 30 day hunger strike on the doorstep of corrupt Surry County, VA officials, refused to return a dog to the abusers who left him laying on the ground for three days, and protested in violation of a restraining order for dogs living in crates 24/7 in Washington State.

As a result, and in the process of standing up for suffering animals, she’s been arrested five times, slandered, lied about, and put through hell by those in positions of authority. But her suffering could never compare to the suffering edured by the animals in our country—those who have no voice to defend themselves.


When we as a nation stop tolerating the abuse of non-human animals, the abuse will stop. This takes brave citizens willing to make the uncomfortable stand when necessary—to survive the fallout that comes with standing tall in a society rife with corruption. We must come out from behind our computer screens when all else fails and physically form a barrier to protect those animals in need.

Citizens in today’s society can make use of a wide arsenal of online tools to create chain-ge for the voiceless. We make strides with petitions, videos, calls for action, and we can and should make use of all avenues available to us.

Books, blogs, vlogs, social media, real-time streaming video…many of these are new and exciting developments we didn’t have even ten years ago!

Although Tamira Thayne’s day to day rescue work for chained dogs—and the constant threat of arrest for advocating for them—is behind her, she is still open to activist consulting and brainstorming when organizations or citizens find themselves in need of a strong advocate. In her time as founder and CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, she raised over $3,000,000 dollars for the cause, ‘took over’ Vick’s dogfighting compound and turned it into a rehab center for chained dogs, and fostered over 250 dogs from her home. She traveled the country speaking on behalf of the animals, and raising awareness of their plight.


We wish you all the best in your work for the animals! (And when you’re done? Write a book about it!)