37 Dog Books for Young and Old in Honor of National and International Dog Day

Who Doesn’t Love Dogs?

OK, don’t answer that! We know there are plenty of people out there who don’t love Man’s Best Friend, but today is all about celebrating our furry friends, so join us in saying THANK YOU to our pups for bringing us so much joy and comfort throughout our lifetimes.

To visit our book page and find dog books for our youngest readers to our oldest fans, visit this link. We’ve currently got 37 books for dog lovers! View some of our selected covers below or visit our book page to read more and purchase your favorites. Kiss your dogs for us, and give them an extra hug today.

Happy National and International Dog Day to animal lovers and their companions everywhere.

  • Foster Doggie Insanity

It’s National Puppy Day! Treat Yourself or your Family to a Heartwarming Dog Book

A little birdy, er, puppy, told us today was National Puppy Day! That makes it a great day to celebrate all things puppy, including supporting your local dog rescues by adopting or fostering their adorable little guys and gals.

What could be cuter than this little face?

Fostering isn’t for the faint of heart, however. Ask author Tamira Thayne, who penned the book “Foster Doggie Insanity” when she was knee-deep in puppies and other dogs looking for homes during her years in rescue. As one reader said: “Whether you’ve fostered hundreds of dogs or none, it is an enjoyable read, mixing laughter and empathy with real life situations. Thayne may even leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about our canine companions and the people who care about them. A book that is more than a tool for fostering; it is a declaration of the spirit, heart and soul of rescuers universally. The moral to this story is ‘It’s OK not to be perfect; a dog will love you anyway.’”—Dawn Ashby, former Dogs Deserve Better rep

Got little ones? We’ve got lots of doggy books for you to choose from!

Check out some of our below titles, or visit our website at http://www.whochainsyou.com for a full listing of over 85 books for animal lovers!

Yes, we have selections for Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, and Grandma and Grandpa too!

And so many more! Just visit our website at http://www.whochainsyou.com for a full listing of over 85 books for animal lovers. Happy National Puppy Day.

Week 6 of 10 Books for Animal Lovers at just $.99 in E-Book!


Welcome to Week Six of Affordable Books to Read during the COVID-19 Outbreak

We hope you’re managing in these very difficult times.

To help, we’re currently making 10 of our books per week JUST $.99 Each in eBook format! You Save $2.98 Per Book.

We know even if you’re home and the bills are covered, it’s a scary time. The virus is reaching out into our communities, and making life difficult for everyone.

The authors at Who Chains You Books want to make our books accessible to ALL during this time. The best way for us to do that is to offer them in eBook format at the minimum kindle price allowable:


Rest assured, you don’t need a kindle device to read our books in kindle. All you need is a smartphone OR the tablet of your choice, including the iPad. Just download the free kindle app from your app store, use your normal Amazon login in, and you’re all set up and ready to go! Then you can choose any of our 10 weekly selections from the links below (or ALL of them), and your titles will be sent right to your kindle app reading library on your device.

We wish you all the very best during this scary time. We hope you’ll enjoy our books, and get to know some of our authors. Reach out to them through their social media, and drop them a review on Amazon. Your reviews help our authors reach a wider audience. Be safe, we’re thinking of you.

This Week’s selection Includes books for all ages, from pre-school on up. Choose from the below titles:

wildharecover19lo-dropWild Hare

By Laura Koerber

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle
| Buy Audiobook

Listed by Kirkus Review as one of the 100 best indy books of 2019.

“The world is coming to an end.” I pushed the oil rags and cigarette butts off the seat of my friend Arne’s old pickup truck and climbed in. He threw the truck into gear, gunned the engine, and smirked. “What’s the point of being a fairy if you can’t wave a magic wand and get shit done?”

kittycoverlo-dropThe Kitty with the Itty-Bitty Tail

By Sandra Biersdorfer

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Most of us have experienced being made fun of or called names that hurt our feelings. Meet Ethel Kitty who doesn’t like being called names—like “Stubby Nubby”—just because she has a smaller tail than the other cats at school. Read along in this tale of tails as the new cat in town helps Ethel realize she is special despite her “shortcomings” and teaches her how to stand up to bullies.

happydogloHappy Dog! From Chained to Cherished

By Tamira Thayne, Illustrated by April Pedersen

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle

Want Higher Quantities? Order Direct From Us Here and Save per Copy.—Free Shipping, U.S. Only.

Whimsical black and white drawings from illustrator April Pedersen grace this wonderfully thought out and caring story about a dog named Ranger, chained in the backyard and—like all dogs—wishing to be free. (Note, the kindle version is not a coloring book, although you could print the graphics for a do-it-yourself version. The paperback is a coloring book.

clarabellecover19lo-dropClarabelle Comes Clean

Written by Timothy Verret

Illustrated by April Pedersen

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| Buy Audiobook

Find out how Clarabelle stops the hurtful name-calling in its tracks in Clarabelle Comes Clean, a wonderful addition to humane education classwork and lessons in bullying and societal stereotyping. The book is perfect for ages 6 and up, and the illustrations keep the attention of younger students too in parental, library, and classroom read-alongs.

smidgeycover18lo-dropSmidgey Pidgey’s Predicament

By Tamira Thayne

Illustrated by C.A. Wulff

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle
| Buy Audiobook

Who was stealing the city’s pigeons, and what’s to become of Smidge, Ridge, and the others? Find out in Smidgey Pidgey’s Predicament, excellent for ages 8 and up, and perfect for humane education in today’s classrooms. Includes Vocab Builders, as well as information about the very real threat to pigeons, and what you can do to help these wonderful birds.

outlawcolliecover-lodropThe Trial of the Outlaw Collie Sam

Written by Dale Seddon

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| Buy Audiobook

One reader says: “I can’t say enough good things about [the book]. It is based on a true story and the writer has written it first in a rhyming poetic form much like Dr. Seuss. This is followed by the actual story that inspired the poem. It’s heart wrenching at times but if you love dogs you will relate to this story. Even if you aren’t a dog lover, it’s a terrific read, suitable for readers of all ages.”

Muffin'sshadowcover-loMuffin’s Shadow

Written by Laura W. Eckroat

Illustrated by Greg White

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| Buy Audiobook

“Laura Eckroat wrote the perfect book to teach our children about the joy 
and love that comes from pet adoption. Muffin’s Shadow will take young readers on an enjoyable journey that is full of fun and wonder. It’s awesome!”—Jamie Dougherty, Founder of Offleashapparel.com

peacefulplacecoverlo-dropA Peaceful Place

Written & Illustrated by Dina Marie

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle

These lovingly-crafted books make an excellent gift to yourself or the Labrador aficionado in your life, and encourage a sense of peace and kindness that we often miss in our day to day lives. We hope you’ll be as touched and intrigued by Dina’s paintings and inspirations in the language of Labradors as we are.

doodlecover18loDoodle Bug’s Second Chance

By Brandy Herr

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle
| Buy Audiobook

Will Doodle Bug and her sisters get the happily-ever-after they hope for? Find out in Doodle Bug’s Second Chance, Vol. 3 of The Second Chance Series.

Based on a true story, Doodle Bug’s Second Chance is perfect for kids young and old.

moodycover19l-dropThe Moody Pencil

(from our Crescent Renewal Imprint)

Written by Samantha K. Riggi
Illustrated by Richard Clark

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle

Connor’s pencil has been acting out lately; in fact, he’s become especially moody!

What happens in this funny take on the daily grind of the school pencil? This full-color, comic-style book is perfect for ages 7 and up, and the back and forth letters between Connor and Pencil will engage even the reluctant reader.

Want to see all our Books
for Animal Lovers? Click here.


Special Pricing on It Went to the Dogs: How Michael Vick’s Dogfighting Compound Became a Haven for Rescue Pups through May 31st! Just $2.99 in Kindle. Find all your options here: http://www.whochainsyou.com/wtd.html

“4 Love of Animals” Using Coloring Books in Creative Way, Brings Awareness for Chained Dogs


Not only does Who Chains You Books sell our Happy Dog! Coloring Books online and in bulk through our website, we also license the coloring book to nonprofit anti-chaining groups to help them raise awareness for suffering dogs in their communities.


It’s a win/win. Often, small local groups don’t have the volunteer support or funding to commission an illustrator for their own book; licensing ours at a fraction of the cost enables them to quickly and easily get their own product. PLUS, we get the unique pleasure of knowing our books are making an even bigger difference to chain-ge minds and lives in communities across America.

When we license Happy Dog!: From Chained To Cherished, (by Tamira Thayne and illustrated by April Pedersen), we change the background cover color and personalize the cover and interior information for each group, so it truly becomes their own product. We then provide the directors with .pdf files to take to a local printer, and provide support as needed. The license is valid for ten years, too.

How 4 Love of Animals is Using their Happy Dog! Coloring Book to Make a Difference

4 Love of Animals is our most-recent licensee, and is located in Waynesville, Haywood County, North Carolina. The group works to promote respect and compassion for all creatures through humane education, legislation, and action.

Denise Brooker, director of the organization, tells us: “We are dedicated to improving the lives of animals in Haywood County, North Carolina. Our main goal is to get an anti-chaining ordinance in all of Haywood County.”


How is the Group Featuring their Coloring Book?

“We had two of our biggest fundraising events this month—very large downtown Waynesville art shows. We decided to hold an adoption event along with our new coloring books. We ‘rescued’ stuffed dogs from our local thrift stores and displayed them at our booth. For a small donation, the children (and adults) received their rescue dog of choice, a certificate of adoption, and a ‘Happy Dog’ coloring book. We sold out of all of our books!”

The group plans to continue their educational ‘adoptions’ using these coloring books throughout the year. They are also planning to approach their Board of Education and hope to get their coloring books into the classrooms.


To read more about them, or donate for their work, visit www.4loveofanimals.net.

We asked 4 Love of Animals about the process of getting their version ready to go. Was it hard?

“The licensing process for ‘Happy Dog: from Chained to Cherished’ was so easy,” said Denise. “We took weeks trying to figure out how we wanted to personalize our version. Once we submitted our information, it took Who Chains You barely a day or two to finalize it. We are so impressed with the final product! The book was a huge success at recent events; in fact, we’re sold out and are ordering more this week!”

Our Final Question: Does the Group Rescue Chained Dogs? If so, What is their Favorite Story with Photos?


4 Love of Animals works with our local Haywood County Animal Services to save dogs from horrible lives on chains. We get requests by concerned citizens about chained dogs in their neighborhoods and we check out the situation. If we decide the dog is in immediate danger, we contact an animal control officer or a sheriff deputy immediately. If there are violations and no immediate health risk, we request animal services to perform a wellness check and provide us with a copy of report. We continue to follow up as needed.

“We had one dog we’ll always remember, Damon. Damon was chained to a large tree in the owner’s front yard. Neighbors reported to us that the owners had not been home for at least a week and they were very concerned. Damon’s house was upside down and he seemed to be tangled up on a short chain. 4 Love of Animals went to the property and witnessed the same conditions.


“We called our Animal Services and asked for an officer to come to address the situation. It was after hours and they would not come. We then called the Sheriff’s office, explaining that we were not leaving until an officer arrived. Long story short, we had several weeks of this same situation occurring over and over. There was no caretaker around for days at a time, and Damon would just sit on a log overlooking the creek that was his only water source. Finally, after much turmoil, the officer insisted that the owner surrender Damon to the shelter. Damon was adopted, and we’re hopeful he now has a much better and happier life.”

To read more about them, or donate for their work, visit www.4loveofanimals.net.

To order Happy Dog! Coloring Book for yourself, in bulk, or license it for your group, visit our page at http://whochainsyou.com/happydog.html.


WCY Authors Are Happy to Visit YOUR School or Group! Check Out Our Authors at Work


All of our Who Chains You Authors are ready and willing to speak to your school or social group! We are geographically spread out across the U.S., and even into the UK and Italy now, so if you’re looking for someone to do a reading for your students or other group, drop us a line at info@whochainsyou.com to find out if we have an author nearby.

Browse all our books and authors at our websites at http://www.whochainsyou.com and http://crescentrenewal.com.


Author Stephanie Itle-Clark visited a Pennsylvania School for Read Across America on March 1st, and told us this: “The Read Across America Day event at Big Spring School District’s Mount Rock Elementary in Newville, PA was fantastic. I saw six grades of students (a little over 300 students) ranging from kindergarten to Grade Five during three different readings. The students were fun and engaged, especially when they found out that the real-life Tiffany who inspired the story had come from a puppy mill not far from the school. The older students participates in a reading as well as an interview panel. They asked about the theme of the book, the inspiration, and the writing, illustrating, and publishing process.”


Author Laura Eckroat is a schoolteacher who really gets into the spirit of the author visit. She tells us: “I so love doing author visits; they always remind me why I’m doing this writing thing. I bring books and sign them after the event. The kids love them, and they’re truly rewarding and FUN!!”

And here are some bonus pics of kids loving their books . . .



Now Available: The Eclipse Dancer, Plus Holiday Gifts for Animal Lovers Galore!


Now Available, in time for the Holidays!

The Eclipse Dancer

By Laura Koerber

Andy thought of flying. She imagined the air under her arms, her hair lifting and floating. She felt her heartbeat separate from the faraway beat and form its own rhythm: light, quick, a dancing thrum. When she opened her eyes, her yard was dusky and her mood had lightened.

She let her gaze drift across the darkening landscape. Andy’s heart filled with exultation. She raised her arms, fanned out her fingers, and arched her feet until she was on her toes.

She was assaulted by memories. Her mother was dying, and Danny had been dead for years. Her daughter was in Minneapolis, and Alana was up in the North Woods someplace. All of her childhood friends—the fairies, Hairy, Mr. Tolliver, and Kenshi—were gone.

Is it true that childhood is never overcome? “I have changed,” she whispered.

The light exploded into a ring of fire in a black sky: total eclipse.

She gently rose up into the warm, dark air and began to dance.

Paper ISBN-13: 978-1-946044-40-2

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle

About the Author

Laura Koerber is an artist and writer who lives on an island with her husband and two dogs. Laura divides her retirement time between dog rescue, care for disabled people, political activism, and yes, she tells herself stories while driving.

Her first book, The Dog Thief and Other Stories (written as Jill Kearney), was listed by Kirkus Review as one of the Hundred Best Books of 2015. She’s also the author of The Listener’s Tale, I Once Was Lost, But Now I’m Found: Daisy and the Olympic Animal Sanctuary Rescue, Limbo, The Shapeshifter’s Tale, and The Eclipse Dancer.


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Save $7-$25 on Gifts for Animal Lovers this Holiday Season!

Save $7-$25 on Gifts for Animal Lovers this Holiday Season!

We’ve created 12 GiftPaks that pass along Holiday Savings to You while bringing Joy to Your Little Corner of the World

We’re offering a limited number of Holiday Gifts Packs direct from the publisher to those who love animals or want that special gift for a loved one. Free Shipping to the U.S! Additional shipping required for international orders.

Gift Paks range from $19.97-$49.97, and you save anywhere from $7.00-$25.00 per pack.

Browse our Selections Today. Limited Quantities, While they Last.

Browse our Selections Today. Limited Quantities, While they Last.

How HumaneEducator.com Uses WCY Children’s Books in Its Educational Programs

Debbie and book

Humane Educator Debbie Gladwin with “Slow Moe”, by April Pedersen

Who Chains You Books loves to feature humane educators using our books in their programs. We asked Debbie Gladwin, founder of HumaneEducator.com, about her work for the animals and children, and how she finds our books useful. Here’s what she told us:

As a Certified Humane Education Specialist, I am always on the hunt for books with a humane education theme. At HumaneEducator.com, we often use animal themed literature. There is a unique bond between young people and animals that helps us to communicate empathy, compassion and respect for other living beings.

In our Bella’s Backyard Buddies program, we use many of the books published by Who Chains You Publishing. Books like Happy Dog: From Chained to Cherished, Sloe Moe: A Snail Tale and Doodle Bugs Second Chance are a part or our literature curriculum. They are perfect for read-alouds and compassion circle discussions. We have created art projects, writing activities, puzzles and games…all based on these animal-themed books.

We’ve created a body of curriculum based in part on the books and use them in a variety of environments like classrooms, after school programs, and service learning projects. These books make it easy for us to create activities that meet state academic standards and can easily be blended into an existing curriculum.

Rescue Dog Photo

Debbie’s rescue pups waiting for their bedtime story!

They are also great for family time reading at home. I’ve been known to read these books to my own rescue dogs!

What I love about Who Chains You Books as part of our program is watching the faces of the audience of young people light up as they listen to the stories of compassion and caring. They want to help.


We love that the heroes and heroines of these inspirational books are compassionate and respectful activists who are role models for the young people we teach. We also love that the stories are about all kinds of animals…dogs, cats, horses…but goats, pigs, rats, mice, snails and birds too!

At HumaneEducator.com, we strive to provide young people with opportunities to develop critical thinking skills that will help them to make informed lifestyle choices. We help them to understand critical issues like animal abuse in a way that will help them to see that they can be a part of the solution instead of the problem.

Located in central Oklahoma, our mission is to empower students to understand the effect that their actions have on other people, animals and the environment. We give them the tools and skills they’ll need to make responsible lifestyle choices. In addition, we provide parent/caregiver training that empowers them to help the children in their lives to live with kindness, empathy and compassion. We partner with schools and individual educators to enable them to incorporate humane education principles into their existing academic curriculum and school culture.

Currently, we have three projects—Bella’s Backyard Buddies is our humane education literacy program. HumaneEducator.com is our character education program and BullyCrisis.com is our program designed to empower kids to be upstanders against bullying.

When I am not creating curriculum, searching for new ideas or attending events, I love spending time with my husband and three rescue fur babies. Charlie and Bella are my two senior dogs and Catboy is my senior cat who were all rescued while we were living in Southern California. My personal life goal is to partner with people, especially children, to help them to discover their own skills and talents and how they can use them to live socially responsible lives.

If you are interested in further information about our humane education programs, please contact us at any one of our websites: HumanEducator.com, BellasBackyardBuddies.com or BullyCrisis.com.

—Debbie Gladwin, founder, humaneeducator.com


P.S. We LOVE working with humane educators! We’ve created some amazing books—featuring animals and issues that haven’t been addressed elsewhere—but we partner with those doing the work in the field to bring the animals’ voices to the children. That’s why we always offer wholesale discounts for humane educators and nonprofits. Check out our program for humane educators here, http://whochainsyou.com/humane-ed.html, and drop us a line if you have other ideas for projects we can do together at info@whochainsyou.com.


We’re Giving Away 2 Copies of Happy Dog Coloring Book, Today Only, in our $400 Book Giveaway


Win our 12th Free Book, Sunday ONLY! We’re on Day 12 of our $400 31-Book Giveaway to Celebrate Who Chains You Publishing’s 2nd Anniversary.

Today’s Prize? Two copies of Happy Dog Coloring Book: From Chained to Cherished, by Tamira Thayne, illustrated by April Pedersen.

How Do You Win It? Just click on our promo image (above) to bring you to our page, and let us know you want it in our comment section. The contest will run all day Aug. 12th, and we’ll select a random winner at 10:00 a.m. Eastern, August 13th. Spread the word and join in the fun! Happy Dog is available in a coloring book and story form on kindle, and is a great humane education choice for the classroom, too.

Here’s that link again. https://www.facebook.com/whochainsyou/photos/a.994533240665277.1073741828.978812565570678/1770401243078469/

About the Book:

happydoglo25 pages of whimsical black and white drawings from illustrator April Pedersen grace this wonderfully thought out and caring coloring book about a dog named Ranger, chained in the backyard and—like all dogs—wishing to be free.

Ranger tells the kids about his hopes and dreams, and how he was ultimately saved from a life no dog should have to suffer. By the end of his tale, his fans will be smiling and proclaiming themselves to be Happy Dogs right along with him.

The coloring book also features 6 pages of Happy Activities for kids, including a maze, connect the leash, and draw a tail on the pup. Perfect for all ages from 3 and up, this makes an incredible addition to any and all classroom humane education efforts.

You can also bulk order the book for parties or classroom activities at this link: http://whochainsyou.com/happydog.html

Buy in Paperback | Buy on Kindle
(Note, the kindle version is the illustrated story—not a coloring book—as it’s digital)

About the Author

Author and designer Tamira Thayne rescued and fostered over 250 dogs, giving them the happiness they deserved instead of life on a chain, during her time leading Dogs Deserve Better—a nonprofit who freed dogs from chains and pens.

Now she is the founder of Who Chains You, publishing books for those who believe people—and animals—deserve to be free. She is the author of Capitol in Chains, Foster Doggie Insanity, The Wrath of Dog, The King’s Tether, The Knights Chain, The Curse of Cur, and the co-editor of Unchain My Heart and Rescue Smiles.

About the Illustrator

April Pedersen is a freelance artist based in Reno, Nevada. She is partial to frogs, geocaching, science fiction, video poker, and chess. April is the illustrator of the Happy Dog! Coloring Book, Adopting Adele, Brave Benny, and Bravo’s Freedom.

Win a FREE Book During our 2nd Anniversary Celebration-31 Prizes!


Join Us, for a Very Exciting Second Anniversary Celebration! And, Win One of 31 FREE Books During the Month of August

We can hardly believe it’s been two years since Who Chains You Publishing opened our proverbial doors…

To celebrate, we’re giving away 1 FREE BOOK each day this month on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/whochainsyou.

How do you win? Just visit our Facebook page, click on our book prize of the day, (for today it’s Adopting Adele), and tell us you want it in the comments section. THAT’S IT!

You’ll then be entered in our random drawing, and the winner will be chosen tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. Eastern. Our first book in our giveaway, TODAY ONLY, is Adopting Adele, by Heather Leughmyer.

tamijewelonyxloWho Chains You Books started with the vision of one woman who understood how hard it was for animal rescuers and activists to get published by mainstream publishers—yet she also knew these folks had an important message to share with the world.

Tamira Thayne had left the nonprofit she founded, Dogs Deserve Better, the previous spring, and was looking for another way to make a difference for animals. Her background in the publishing industry gave her the knowledge to bring animal-related books to the market, and in the summer of 2016 she took the plunge, creating Who Chains You Publishing and putting out her first books.

To date, the company has published 29 animal-related books, with two more slated for release this month. Our Crescent Renewal Imprint, which focuses on family, education, and the environment, has released a further six books.

We hope you’ll join us in the fun this month as we celebrate both our 2nd Anniversary and support Back to School programs. Take the first step by joining us on our Facebook page today.

Read more about Adopting Adele here:

Did You Know Humane Educators Can Get Wholesale Pricing?

Humane Education is one of the most important tools we have to engender a sense of kindness in future generations. By breaking the chain of cruelty to animals through direct communication with youth in schools, we create a more caring society, for humans as well as animals. Our wholesale program is perfect to assist Humane Educators in teaching our youth about animal issues in society.

Learn More and Place Your First Order

Guess Who Else can Get Wholesale Pricing? Nonprofits and Indie Bookstores!

We know what it’s like to run a nonprofit and always be searching for new and creative ways to raise money. Our nonprofit and indie bookstore wholesale program is perfect to help you both fundraise AND educate about animal issuesat the same time. You are welcome to sell our paperbacks on your website, social media sites, at booths, as well as at any other fundraising opportunities.

Get Started Today

It’s Back to School Month, and there’s an easy way to help animals…send along one of our books as a gift for your student’s teacher!

Most teachers end up buying books out of their own pockets, as school funding gets cut more each year. One way to advocate for animals AND help teachers with relevant materials for classroom use is to provide age-appropriate reading supplies. Check out all our books that work for elementary schools, and make a difference today. http://whochainsyou.com/index.html