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Crescent Renewal Books presents educational and thought-provoking books that—while not animal-focused—advocate for the environment, family, and other social issues.

Who Chains You Books formed our Crescent Renewal imprint in the fall of 2017 to focus on other aspects of humane education that aren’t animal-related. While we will remain dedicated to our advocacy for animals, we will review manuscripts that take on other social and environmental issues as well—mostly for authors who have already published under our main imprint.

Crescent Renewal Books publishes books in all genres from children to adult and fiction to nonfiction that we find educational and powerful.

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The Moody PencilThe Moody Pencil

Samantha K. Riggi
Illustrated by Richard Clark

Connor’s pencil has been acting out lately; in fact, he’s become especially moody!

When Pencil purposefully ruins Connor’s math paper AND his book about whale sharks, Connor tries to reason with him. Connor even apologizes for biting him on the butt and sharpening him roughly, but Pencil refuses to listen.

Soon Connor realizes that Pencil has run away. Will Pencil continue his life on the run? How will Connor get his work done without his friend Pencil?

Find out in this funny take on the daily grind of the school pencil. This full-color, comic-style book is perfect for ages 7 and up, and the back and forth letters between Connor and Pencil will engage even the reluctant reader.

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The Lost Tooth

The Never Ending Thank You

By Samantha K. Riggi
Illustrated by Niki Stage

“My birthday will be fantastically flawless!” Meghan declared from the center of the room she had just decorated with her mother.

Meghan was so excited for her birthday party that she had planned out every detail, including the thank you cards. After she hand delivers her thank yous to her friends, she’s surprised when her best friend Sidney writes a thank you card back.

“It’s beautiful,” Meghan said earnestly, though she was beginning to worry.

Meghan writes Sidney another card, but when Sidney writes back again, Meghan can’t help but wonder if thank you cards are ever supposed to end!

The Never Ending Thank You is simple and beautifully illustrated by artist Niki Stage, and yet presents a lesson that’s never too early to learn about the ins and outs of friendship and communication.

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LostToothcoverlo-dropThe Lost Tooth

By Laura W. Eckroat
Illustrated by Greg White

Award winning author Laura Eckroat is back with her very first chapter book. In The Lost Tooth, William doesn’t just lose his tooth . . . his tooth becomes LOST! 

Follow Tommy the Tooth on his wild and exciting journey to the Tooth Fairy, as he ends up in places a lost tooth would never expect or want to be. Luckily William never gives up on him, and the ending is sure to please readers great and small.

This book from Crescent Renewal Books is a must for all children who have or will have wiggly, jiggly baby teeth, and makes a wonderful first chapter book for ages 7-10 and grades 1-4.

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Now Available

Papa’s Pumpkin

By Sandra Biersdorfer
Illustrated by Nikki Cooper

papaspumpkincoverlo-dropKylee Rain loves cupcakes with sparkly sprinkles, anything pink, Paris, France, and her Papa—her favoritest person in the whole wide world.

Her Nana and Papa live with them in a big old house on a farm in the country, where she gets to cuddle with her grey kitty Purrlock Holmes and explore their HUGE vegetable garden with its extra large pumpkin patch.

Ever since she was little, Kylee’s helped Papa take care of the pumpkins. Sometimes he tells her, with a wink and a grin, “Why when you were just a teeny weeny baby, you showed up one day in that pumpkin patch, and you were so stinkin’ cute we decided to keep you! That’s why to me you’ll always be ‘Papa’s Little Pumpkin.’”

Kylee and her Papa prove that the bond between a grandparent and a grandchild can indeed be something special. From motorcycles to airplanes and everything in between, join Papa and Kylee in this heartwarming tale as they make lifetime memories while waiting for their pumpkins to grow into the prettiest, plumpest pumpkins in the patch.

Perfect for ages 4 and up—and all the young-at-heart grandparents too—this book from Crescent Renewal is sure to find a spot on your family’s bookshelf.

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The Life of Bud

Third Edition

By Laura W. Eckroat
Illustrated by Greg White


Join us for the tale of a special leaf named Bud, whose life journey reminds us that we are all important and needed.

Bud starts out as a tiny bud—small and insignificant—yet he arrives into this life with a feeling of purpose and hope.

Soon he grows into a beautiful, vibrant piece of the Mighty Oak Tree, taking his place in the circle of life, and thrives as he recognizes his part in something greater.

Those who have sought a children’s book that gently explains the topics of life and death need look no further. The Life of Bud teaches acceptance and celebration of a life well-lived. It is a valuable addition to the reading shelves of children eight and up, and a meaningful family bedtime tale.

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Red Goes to Kindergarten

Third Edition

By Laura W. Eckroat
Illustrated by Rodora Taboada

Award Winner! First Place, Texas Association of Authors,
Children’s Picture Book 7 and Under
Story Monsters Approved


It was August, and Red was thrilled about the first day of school, and nervous as she boarded the yellow school bus into the unknown. What would this new adventure bring?

Join Red as she experiences her exciting first week, and meets her teacher Mrs. Bloom and her new friend Violet. She draws pictures, colors apples, and creates patterns; kindergarten is amazing!

Includes a Monday through Friday activity section for the kids, too, so they can follow Red along her path.

“Laura has used her experience as a teacher to write a book that will resonate with kindergarten students everywhere. A wonderful read aloud, artfully packed with learning opportunities for both math and literacy. A must-buy book to have in your school library!”—Carol Ann M. McCarthy, M.A.T. Reading Specialist

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Nana’s Banana

Third Edition

By Sandra Biersdorfer
Illustrated by Raynald Kudemos


“Nana, am I your apple?”

“No—not even if you painted me a pink and purple chapel.” And so the game begins!

Join us in this juicy adventure with Sully and Nana, and guess how many different fruits Sully can name. Which endearing fruit does Nana pick just for him? Find out in this laugh-out-loud silly, funny, full-of-alliteration, rhyming game that ends with a heartfelt poem sure to bring a tear to any Nana’s eyes.

Perfect for ages 4 and up (when read by Nana, of course!), and a delightful family read for every bedtime story.

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A Simpler Time

Third Edition

By Laura W. Eckroat
Illustrated by Greg White


Oversaturated with the latest video game and phone apps, does anyone slow down to remember A Simpler Time?

Join A.J. as she discovers a summer of fun with her mom. The phones stay home while mother and daughter go on simple adventures—discovering four leaf clovers, animals in the clouds, and lightning bugs in a starlit sky.

Richly illustrated by Greg White, A Simpler Time is a exceptional tale to share with children age 7 through pre-teen, and will inspire you too to find some simpler moments during your next family gathering.

“In this technology frenzy we call life, often, the simple times are taken for granted. Laura Eckroat reminds children of all ages that nature can be as interesting as iPhones and computers.”—Ted Kerasote, author of Merle’s Door: Lessons from a Freethinking Dog

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