Read FREE! Episode 17 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. They All Come Tumbling Down

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Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Happy Tuesday. I supposed it must be Taco Tuesday—and I’m not one to turn down a good bean taco—but today is also National Peanut Lovers Day according to my trusty calendar. Both my dog and I are a bit crazy for peanut butter, and I’m pretty sure he’d happily eat the whole jar if I let him.

It’s also National Celery Month, so lots of meat-free choices for my animal-loving friends this month. Might I suggest a little peanut butter with your celery stalk? You’re welcome.

On to this week’s Imagine episode. Our pup has landed safely at the rescue center, but now his particular talent is coming back into play with covid spreading. The problem is, can he make the humans understand? Read on to find out! If you need to catch up, start here at Episode One and just click the links at the bottom…

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Read FREE! Episode 16 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. Catching the Smell.

Don’t Miss Episode 16 of author Tamira Thayne’s free read about a rescued chained dog. Imagine: Life on a Chain.

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

I’m running late tonight since I had to be out much of the day, so without further ado let’s get right to our tale. Our doggie friend Imagine is now safe at the rescue facility, but an unexpected twist happens, taking him again back to memories of his first home.

This is a free read, in episodes, and so if you haven’t yet joined us, start here at Episode One to catch up. Welcome, and enjoy the read.

Imagine…Life on a Chain

Episode Sixteen: Catching the Smell

Life’s Better with a Ball

Imagine stretched, sleep still blanketing him in a dream where angels gave him a brand-new ball and he played for hours. He smiled, absently noting a feeling of warmth, coziness even. He felt neither hunger nor thirst, and he wasn’t itchy, either.

The sensations were so alien to him that he jolted awake and jumped to his feet…

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Read FREE! Episode 15 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. Is That a BALL?

Read Free, the newest episode from author Tamira Thayne is now live!

Imagine…Life on a Chain

Episode Fifteen: Is That a BALL?

The Rescue Center

Finally tiring himself out, Imagine flopped to the ground, panting, while Melody, Becky, and Evie discussed next steps.

“Well, first, as always, it’s a BATH. This poor boy reeks,” Melody exclaimed, giving the dog another pat on the head and making a face.

Becky laughed. “I guess that’s on me, eh? Fine, I’ll do it, but next time someone else gets the dirty job! I’m always completely soaked by the end.”…

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Today I join most of the world’s population in being heartsick over the invasion of Ukraine by Putin and those within his power and control. I would say Russia and not Putin, but seems to me that most of the citizens of that country don’t want it any more than the rest of us do—they’re simply in the clutches of a murderous dictator and have very little say in the matter.

Abuse has been a big trigger for me, as I was “blessed” with a cruel and narcissistic father. I’ve had to work my way through layers of “schize” over the years, and I don’t get why people can’t just live and let live. Why can’t they be kind to the humans and animals around them? What makes someone like Putin think it’s a good idea to go and murder a bunch of folks who were just minding their own…

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New Release “Come Visit the Animal Sanctuary” Boasts 23 Gorgeous Illustrations

What’s not to love about the latest book from FreedomChaser Books?

Come Visit the Animal Sanctuary is packed with full-color illustrations and so many reasons to visit your local animal sanctuary.

by Howard Edelstein
with Terry Cummings

Illustrated by Jade Heyes

About the Book:

Come Visit the Animal Sanctuary follows a tour through a sanctuary for farm animals, describing the amazing animals who call it home and educating the reader on issues the animals face before rescue and life at the sanctuary. The exceptional artistic talent of illustrator Jade Heyes brings the animals and the entire sanctuary to life.

This true-life story shows us that both people and animals have personalities and feelings, and that our animal friends deserve to be treated as we would want to be. The book is a great addition to any humane education program, and is perfect for ages 7 and up. Written by Howard Edelstein with Terry Cummings, co-founder of Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Maryland, this engaging book features 23 full color illustrations by artist Jade Heyes.

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-954039-18-6

Paperback link:

Kindle link:

About the Author:

Howard Edelstein is an animal advocate who has worked with various animal protection organizations over the past three decades. He now works helping humans and other animals during disasters, and with sheltering animals during cruelty cases. Howard is the author of An Underwater Friend, the story of a boy who goes fishing and realizes that all animals are sentient beings, and that a friendship can develop between any two individuals. He has also written Ready or Not, Here it Comes, a book about planning for the animals in your care in the event of a disaster; and Scooter Strays, an interactive children’s book about the dangers a stray dog faces.

About the Illustrator:

Jade Heyes is a passionate animal right’s artist who creates artworks illustrating the importance of extending humanities compassion beyond just pet animals and towards all animals, especially those existing on farms. 

Through her artworks she highlights the mistreatment, suffering and death that takes place on these farms and slaughterhouses as well as capturing these animal’s lovable, innocent nature which differs not from dogs, cats, and children. 

Her goal is to reach people’s hearts and get them thinking about exactly what they are supporting when paying for animal products in the hopes that exposing the well-hidden truths behind these industries will help people move towards a vegan lifestyle.

To see more of Jade’s artworks visit her Instagram and Facebook pages: CreatingHarmony_Art.

Read FREE! Episode 14 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. The Rescue Center

The next free episode is now live from author Tamira Thayne’s new novella, Imagine: Life on a Chain. Catch it now!

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Happy National Margarita Day! I haven’t had one myself, but I encourage you to go for it…sometimes a “me and hard liquor” combo doesn’t end well for anyone. But that’s a story for another time…

It is fitting, though, because this is my birthday week, which expands from just a day to a week as you grow older because—let’s face it—you got nothing else going for ya. So Happy 58 To Me! I’ve been told I don’t look a day over 70, so there’s that.

Imagine has finally left that dreaded backyard and reached The Rescue Center, hallelujah! That’s a Happy Birthday to me, too. There was nothing I loved more than bringing in a new formerly chained rescue pup to our rescue center and giving them back the happiness every dog deserves. I’ve based the mythical Freedom Chaser Rescue Center on the one I started and ran at the…

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Read FREE! Episode 13 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. Starting Over

We’re up to Episode 13 of author Tamira Thayne’s weekly novella read, Imagine: Life on a Chain. Check it out and get caught up today!

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Today is World Hippo Day. Have you done anything for hippos today? No, me neither, but I guess there’s always time to remedy that with a donation to a worthy nonprofit, eh? I mean, it’s not like we can wade in and rescue one, so I assume supporting an org who does is the way to go.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day, whether you’re your own Valentine or not…always a good excuse to treat yourself if you don’t currently have a S.O.! The hubs ended up having to work later in the day, so we had a nice lunch together and then he went to work and I took myself to the movies, as one does.

I didn’t ask for the senior discount—I have no idea what the age is for that, and I’m not eager to know—but the kid working the counter informed…

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Read FREE! Episode 12 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. Rescued…For Real this Time?

Here’s Episode 12 of author Tamira Thayne’s FREE READ! Check it out.

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Welcome to lovely February, month of Valentines and proposals, apparently. In checking my new handy calendar of all things holiday, today, February 8th, is ostensibly Proposal Day.

I, for one, propose that we all stay in bed all day, how’s that for a proposal we can all get behind? Fine, we’ll do it tomorrow instead, since we’re too late to commence the plan today. True confession, I may have started without you yesterday…but today I’m back on the straight and narrow and providing you with another episode of Imagine: Life on a Chain.

Interestingly enough, the hubby actually did propose to me today, having no foreknowledge that today was Proposal Day. Eerie! He bought us new wedding bands in the trendy style of matchy-match that were supposedly created from meteorites, and they came in today. So he reproposed to the woman who’s made him crazy for the last thirteen years…

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Read FREE! Episode 11 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. The Sickness is Here

Episode 11 of author Tamira Thayne’s “Imagine: Life on a Chain” novella is now live! Check it out.

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Good Tuesday to you all, from one of your (probably numerous) pandemic slacker acquaintances. I see so many people going to town with their creative efforts during this time, and I’m envious but lazy.

I so wish I was one of them! Apparently just not enough to get my butt off the couch and my nose out of a book…

Speaking of which, I’ve never been a football fan, but I read an article today about Tom Brady retiring. It talked about how he never let others’ opinions of him sway his belief in himself, made his own truth. Don’tcha wish we could just bottle that up and sell it? I know I’d be first in line! [Or 20th, or 2,000,000th…depends if I was reading a good book at the time.]

Today we unveil episode 11 of my fiction novella, Imagine: Life on a Chain. Imagine’s background tale is…

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Our First Seal Book Highlights Animals, Grief, and Helping Others

If Memory Surfs

A Book for Healing

by Christy Burbidge
Illustrated by Rhonda Van

When Memory the seal survives a Bad Thing and an injury, she knows life will never be the same. Recovering at the Rescue Center, she meets three new friends, each healing from wounds of their own. When it comes time for her to surf the waves again, Memory freezes from fear. But if she doesn’t surf back over Danger Reef, she will never get home to her family.
Will Memory’s fear get the best of her, or will she find strength in the memories of her friends, helping her to surf over Danger Reef freely and happily once more? Find out in If Memory Surfs, an illustrated early reader and excellent primer for engagement on animals, our natural world, grief, and helping others. Coming soon in audiobook, too!

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-954039-16-2

Paperback link:

Kindle link:

About the Author

Christy Burbidge is the author of Paulie the Piping Plover’s Merry Misfits: A Martha’s Vineyard Tale, Claire’s Coyote Friends, and If Memory Surfs: A Book for Healing. She is Associate Copy Editor for Better Than Starbucks Poetry Journal and has been published in several literary journals and magazines. Christy has an MSW from Simmons University (2004), a PhD in Expressive Therapies from Lesley University (2012), and works in the mental health field. Visit her online at

About the Illustrator

Rhonda Van is an author, artist, wildlife rehabber, and lifelong animal lover. She particularly adores jackrabbits, squirrels, her animal companions, Shark Week, vegan dinners in Santa Cruz, and her husband Tony.

Rhonda has been drawing forever, but only got deeper into illustration after she started drawing the wildlife friends she cares for.

Rhonda is also the author and illustrator of Squeak the Squirrel, and the illustrator of Lop-Eared Lily, Spittin’ Kitten’s Speed-Away, The No Name Bunny, The Big Wind, The Sleepy Honey Bee, Towpath’s Tail, If Memory Surfs, and Tiffany Rolls On.

Read FREE! Episode 10 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. The Prince of Darkness

Don’t miss today’s release of Episode Ten: Imagine Life on a Chain from author Tamira Thayne!

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

Welcome, welcome, to another Tuesday here in cheerful America. Can’t you feel the whisperings of hope in the breeze? Ha. No, me neither. But I suppose we shall endure, as humans have been doing for centuries despite the cruelties of the world.

But I digress. In today’s episode, Imagine/Magnum gives us a glimpse into what he’s had to endure in the last three years, and it’s a life I’d like to believe most of us wouldn’t wish on our worst enemies. To think that folks in America—and the world over—find dog chaining an acceptable practice still blows my mind, 20 years after I started Dogs Deserve Better.

It’s cruel, and everyone knows it, whether they make excuses for the practice or not.

If you’re just happening upon Imagine’s story, start here at Episode One and continue following the links at the bottom to today’s release. Thanks for joining us!


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