Read FREE! Episode 9 of Imagine: Life on a Chain. A Ride to Nowhere.

We’re at Week Nine in author Tamira Thayne’s FREE Weekly Read of “Imagine: Life on a Chain.” Catch up today!

Tamira Thayne's "Untethered"

The internet is atwitter about the FREE Covid Test site going live today, as you’ve no doubt heard. But just in case you only come out from under your rock to read Imagine’s story—as one does—here’s the link to get your tests.

Today’s the day Imagine meets “the bad guy.” Every story’s got at least one…and ours is a dog-chainer, a dastardly fiend if I do say so myself. If you have to catch up on the story, start here at Episode One. Then follow the links at the bottom of the page to get to the next. Happy Reading! See You Next Week!

Imagine…Life on a Chain

Episode Nine: A Ride to Nowhere

Lost and Lonely

Imagine spent the night miserable and alone, curled in a ball next to an old tree. Every unfamiliar noise spooked him and his mind spun, going over and over…

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